Referring to the Mid-Autumn Festival, besides the colorful and flavorful moon cakes, the first image that almost everyone can think of is the sparkling star-shaped lanterns, wonderful masks; or furthermore, someone will remember the lanterns made of bottles, cans of beer, which are magical toys that the children once eagerly lit a candle and carried around the neighborhood…

The Developer SCC always pays close attention to the resident’s activities at PhoDong Village, with bold cultural, spiritual beauty.

To Vietnamese families, on Mid-Autumn Festival, during the day, they will worship their ancestors, and at night display the moon processing. The moon-processing-tray usually has moon cakes, fruits, teapot sets … and autumn products such as rice-cereal, persimmons, custard apple fruits, bananas, grapefruits… Traditional toys include cardboard toys, argil, flour, wood, iron, cotton, and cellophane… On the night of the full moon, children process lamps, dance with lion-head, adults enjoy the moon, eat cakes and drink lotus tea. In some places, Lion dance, drum-military-singing… They are indispensable parts of making up the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival.

Simple but bold village-loving moon-processing-trays are arranged next to each other, for residents at PhoDong Village on the reunion of the moonlight night in the Lunar August.

The full moon of the Lunar August is the occasion when people use the lotus features to send a peaceful mind to themselves and everyone.

Lotus has long been a source of artistic inspiration, symbolizing elegance and freedom because the beauty makes people’s hearts suddenly gentle. The scent of the refreshing lotus flower blends with the taste of a piece of cake and a cup of lotus tea on the night of the full moon in the Lunar August still makes Vietnamese people’s hearts flutter every time they remember.

PhoDong Village used lotus flowers to decorate to welcome such a peaceful and meaningful Mid-Autumn night.

In the past, every Mid-Autumn Festival, grandparents, and parents often bought toys of doctors which were made of cardboard to display with a tray of five fruits in the hope that their children in the family could study well, later had the name and success. But gradually, everything has been simplified, the image of paper doctors has gradually faded. But not so that the meaning and spirit of the reunion night changed. Lotus flowers, lotus tea, moon cakes, lanterns … are still intact next to the moon offering five-fruit-tray.

Next to the lotus boat, the star-shaped lantern is an indispensable symbol on the occasion of the full moon in the Lunar August.

The ancients think that games and toys are not only for entertainment but also as educational and nurturing tools for the young generation. Therefore, traditional Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival toys such as paper doctors, paper toppers, star lamps… are a message, a silent and deep greeting from the ancients to the young generation about learning, encouraging learning and success. If the paper doctor shows the dream of learning, the lion-head is one of Vietnam’s traditional Mid-Autumn toys loved by children, with the meaning of prosperity, luck, and good omen.

Children at PhoDong Village show off their talents to decorate the lion-head before the Mid-Autumn Lantern Processing.

If the big brothers have a big lion-head, buffalo-skin drum, decent clothes, and costumes to show skillful lion-dance, the children will also invest in a frog-drum to imitate and satisfy their joy in the Mid-Autumn Lantern Processing night. Until now, this toy still attracts a lot of love from parents and children.

An indispensable activity for the children during the Full-Moon Festival in the Lunar August is the Mid-Autumn Lantern Processing. The image of children holding lights walking around the streets, as a way of welcoming the beautiful Sister Hang and Uncle Cuoi to play from Moon Palace. Only during the Mid-Autumn Festival can we see this image, colorful lights emanating from the lanterns. Nobody will forget these childhood moments when growing up.

An indispensable activity for the children during the full moon in the Lunar August is the Mid-Autumn Lantern Processing, at PhoDong Village it is also held bustlingly.

Not only that, but the Mid-Autumn Lantern Decoration Contest is also a unique activity supported enthusiastically by residents and children.

Besides, other folk games are also organized by the Developer SCC to serve the children and residents of PhoDong Village during the Full Moon Festival.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as Union Day when everyone comes home to watch the moon together, release the lights, and eat moon cakes accompanied by hot teacups. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a very meaningful manner.

Residents of PhoDong Village release lights to wish blessings and happiness for family and relatives on the full moon night of the Lunar August.

Regardless of any Asian country, releasing the night lights of the full moon in the Lunar August is an opportunity to pay homage to ancestors, to thanks to parents, and to express gratitude to heaven and earth for good crops and for having a reunion occasion, happy family together.

The drop of lights into the water on Mid-Autumn Day has a very special meaning.

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the family holidays and family reunification. This is also an opportunity for everyone to send happy wishes as well as give meaningful gifts. With the meaning of “Mid-Autumn Festival – Tet of love”, Mid-Autumn Festival is also an opportunity for us to express our feelings to relatives, friends, and colleagues.

Hope everyone will have a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival with the people you love.

Wishing everyone’s soul forever beautiful like the full moonlight and life forever as sweet as moon cakes.