More than 200 members from companies of SCC Family were eager to join the journey to discover our self-limits in the charming nature in Quy Nhon beach city for 3 days from July 24th to 26th 2020 and participated in VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon 2020.


Excitedly, the convoy started from PhoDong Village Urban Area at 20:00 on July 24th, transporting SCC Family members across the S-shaped road to the famous and poetic Quy Nhon beach city.


SCC Family members were eager to explore Quy Nhon – the coastal city

Arriving in Quy Nhon city – the place called the miniature Maldives in the heart of Central Vietnam – on the morning of July 25th, SCC Family quickly checked-in at Chu Village Resort. The beautiful colorful flowers blooming in the fresh air with the murmuring waves of the sea behind the immense sand at Chu Village have dispelled our fatigue after a long journey.

Chu Village Resort

After recharging for the morning, the SCC Family eagerly began the journey to discover the beautiful landscapes of Quy Nhon. The first destination is Thien Hung Pagoda – known as the Vietnamese version of Phuong Hoang Co Tran – close to the oriental architecture, soft and full of ancient features.

SCC Family members took photos in front of Thien Hung Pagoda

Leaving Thien Hung pagoda, the whole group checked in the Ghenh Rang Tourism Area, enjoyed the wonderful harmonious beauty of the blue sea, the white clouds, green mountains and the fantasy egg stones beach under the cliffs, such like a poetic and beautiful scene of nature.

Egg stone beach

SCC Family visited Ghenh Rang

Traveling to Quy Nhon is indispensable for visiting Twin Cham Towers – Thap Doi – an intricate art work of the Cham people, gone through many rainy and sunny seasons, still retains its grandiose and sustainable structure regardless of the time.

SCC Family members took photos in front of Twin Towers

After a break time, at 17:00 on July 24th, the whole group gathered at Chu Village beach, ready to explode with exciting activities such as the game “Am I strong or You” to test the endurance of gender; game “Super balance” test ingenious skill, ability to split the strength and keep balance; The game “Concentricity synergies” demonstrates the synergy of individuals with teammates through concentric circles.

SCC Family gathered at Chu Village beach

Warmed up

The teams participated in the game “Am I strong or You?”

The crisp laughter, the cheers of the fans and the bursting moments in the joy of winning when overcoming the challenges of the game have brought “joyful moments” to SCC Family.

The teams participated in the game ” Concentricity synergies”

United together to overcome challenges

Refreshing activities such as “appetizer” to bring everyone to another highly anticipated show – Welcome Party. When night fell, the whole family of SCC sat together, listened to the music from the performances on stage, enjoyed an outdoor BBQ party with sparkling lights on the sand. Voices and laughter mingled with the sound of waves.

Welcome Party was ready to welcome the SCC Grand Family

Outdoor BBQ party with rich menu

The SCC family gathered together on Chu Village beach

The whole family enjoyed the show and Quy Nhon cuisine

The whole family had fun but did not forget to rest on time to ensure the performance of the VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon 2020.

On the morning of July 26th, at Nguyen Tat Thanh Square, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province, the VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon 2020 officially started with the participation of 5,000 athletes. In which more than 200 members of the SCC Family participated in running with distances of 5km, 10km, 21km and 42km.

SCC Family members started to conquer the track

With the aim of improving the spirit of sport, sense of physical training, taking care of health, SCC’s Leadership Board of SCC Family has created great opportunity for employees to come to the competition, explore their limits, experience sports competition on the beautiful sea roads of the peaceful and poetic city – Quy Nhon.

Brothers and sisters of SMC Saigon and SKB participated in the competition

From early morning, the runners of SCC Family gathered at the starting point, warmed up and got ready for the journey to conquer the track with the goal of safety. At a distance of 5km, the runners have departed from Nguyen Tat Thanh Square, ran through the famous Xuan Dieu coastal road, then looped around Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, ran back to the square and completed the 5km distance. The starting time of the 5km distance fell at the most beautiful sunrise moment on the pristine and peaceful Quy Nhon coast.

At a distance of 10km, relatively similar to a distance of 5km, the runners passed Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, continued a section of Vo Nguyen Giap Street, then circled Nguyen Tat Thanh Square and finished the race. On the journey, the runners have welcomed a new day on the picturesque coastline, having been watching the bustling Quy Nhon city in the early morning.

With the 21km road, SCC’s runners had the opportunity to fully explore the majestic beauty of the famous Thi Nai bridge and admired the bustling picture in the immense and peaceful Thi Nai lagoon.

The runner on Thi Nai Bridge

On the 42km road, the runners not only admired the immense blue sea surface in the early morning when running through Thi Nai bridge, but also saw the beautiful Phuong Mai wind power field, before turning to complete the half remaining distance. This is a destination that attracts a lot of tourists, especially young people because of its wild beauty, green, one side is the sea and the other is the mountains of the mighty Phuong Mai Peninsula.

With a great spirit of competition and full of enthusiasm, SCC’s runners had completed the track, in which there were individuals who had successfully completed the track in a short time.

The SCC family successfully completed the race track and won proud medals

SCC Family took photos when finished

A moment of joy at the end of the run

Mr. Tran Viet Anh – Head of the organizers – took picture with athletes

After completing the run, at 11am on July 26th, all members of the SCC Family gathered to Vietnamese Cuisine restaurant, together to join a luncheon celebrating victory with the theme “Destination “. The lunch party started with a Tay Son battle drum dance. SCC Family members have begun to relax, relaxed their bodies to blend in with the resonant drum beat, the aura that was characteristic of the land of mastery.

The Tay Son battle drum dance opened the party

After sharing about the contest by the head of the organizers – Mr. Tran Viet Anh, the program was pushed to the climax with the reward for the spirit of breakthrough, conquering your limits through a vibrant race with achievements on target excellently and safely.

Sharing about VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon 2020, Mr. Tran Viet Anh – The head of the organizers said “The most important thing in this contest is that all of you reach the destination safely.”

Mr. Ngo Trung Linh – General Director of VietUnion spoke

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Vinh – General Director of SMC Saigon and SKB – sponsored the awards for excellent finishers such as Mr. Le Nguyen Bao Khoa (SCC Company) and Ms. Pham Thi Thu Phong (SCC Company) who were individuals over 40-year old who finished fastest at a distance of 10km. Each award is 10 million VND. Mr. Khoa and Ms. Phong voluntarily contributed their prizes to Charity Club Warm with Love fund. A total was 20 million VND.

In addition, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Vinh also decided to award 10 million VND to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hien (SMC Saigon) and 10 million VND to Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong (Fleur De Lys Hotel) who were male and female athletes under 40-year age had finished first at a distance of 10km.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Vinh – General Director of SMC Saigon and SKB awarded prizes to Mr. Khoa, Ms. Phong, Mr. Hien and Ms. Huong.

At the same time, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Vinh also decided to add more awards for the fastest finishes of companies at some other distances, each worth 10 million VND.

The fastest finishers received the awards

Ms. Duong Thi Huyen Trang (PLC), a Pacer, was awarded 5 million VND by Mr. Tran Viet Anh – The head of the organizers.

Mr. Tran Viet Anh – The head of the organizers awarded prizes to Pacer Huyen Trang

Mr. Tran Viet Anh – The head of the organizers also awarded 20 million VND to VietUnion team for their good spirit of competition.

Mr. Tran Viet Anh – The head of the organizers awarded to representatives of VietUnion Company

After awarding, the Board of Directors raised a glass to start the party. The SCC Family had enjoyed the Central cuisine together.

The Board of Directors opened the wine to start the party

At the same time, there were free music performances of SCC Family staff and exciting games.

In the game “Speed for Pacers”, Ms. Duong Thi Huyen Trang (PLC) won the award for calculating numbers quickly.

Mr. Giang Chau Tuan – SCC’s Deputy General Director awarded the prize to Ms. Huyen Trang

In the game “Rhythmic conveyor”, prizes were given to both teams.

Members participated in the game “Conveyor rhythm”

The warm atmosphere of the “Destination” luncheon celebrated the victory

Ending the three-day journey to discover self-limits in the charming nature in Quy Nhon coastal city, the combination of leisure travel, meeting and sports competition was an interesting and memorable experience for SCC Family members. That precious time sparked a great source of energy, enthusiasm, athletic spirit and connecting people.

Memorable moments of SCC Family

Leaving Quy Nhon on the evening of July 26th to return to normal life and work, the organizers believe that there are many emotions in the hearts of SCC Family members. It is not only cohesion, co-worker relationship, sharing, mutual care, but also the spirit of fearless determination, exploring self-limits, overcoming all obstacles, a meaningful lesson for the work of each member of the Family.