On the afternoon of April 09-10, 2020 at PhoDong Village Urban Gate, the Charity Club “Warm with love” gave the poor 200 portions of rice (equivalent to one ton of rice) to help the difficulties and encourage the circumstances to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic.


Preparatory work for rice distribution


It can be said that 2020 is an unforgettable year for all mankind in the world. The current Covid-19 pandemic has swept 209 countries and territories with a total of 1.5 million cases, including more than 88,000 deaths and pushed more than 500 million people into poverty. These numbers keep increasing every day, spreading mourning, leaving catastrophic consequences in many territories.

In Vietnam, a country is still developing, where the lives of most of people still depend on working day by day, facing up with the Covid-19 pandemic made thousands of workers even more miserable. Difficulties piled up with the wandering life, the people selling lottery tickets, street vendors, handicapped people, the elderly and poor laborers…

Promoting the beautiful traditional culture of the solidarity spirit, “The leaves protect tattered ones”, the Charity Club “Warm with love” mobilized donations from kind hearts to join hands with the whole country to help the poor to overcome a pandemic.


The Charity Club “Warm with love” gives rice to the poor in difficult circumstances during the Covid-19 pandemic


On the afternoon of April 9, 2020, 100 portions of 5kg rice were given to the poor. And the next 100 ones were given on the next day, the afternoon of April 10. Hopefully, with 200 portions, equivalent to a ton of rice, will partly share with the poor, encourage them to firmly overcome difficulties.


Portions of rice are prepared to help and support the poor against the pandemic


During two days, the club representatives were moved when they witnessed many pitiful situations like the old woman K.T. Dien, the elder B.T. Ba.,…

The old woman K.T. Dien, 61 years old, hometown in Hau Giang Province, moved to Ho Chi Minh City and rents a rickety house of less than 15 square meters with six people. For the past two years, because of diabetes and kidney stones, she can only be at home with three grandchildren, and all the family’s activities depend on her son as a bricklayer and her daughter-in-law as a dish-washer. But because of the pandemic, son and daughter-in-law became unemployed, and now the family is struggling with hunger. She just hopes the disease will pass soon so that her children can go to work to earn money to support their lives.


People queue to receive rice in front of PhoDong Village Urban Area


And Mrs. B.T. Ba, 75 years old, in order to get to the point of rice distribution, she had to ask a neighborhood as a motorbike taxi to hitchhike, due to the lonely poverty family, her four children have to earn one’s livings, now only she with her husband are left. Every day, her husband went to sell lottery tickets, with unstable income for each lottery ticket sold, she had heart disease and could not work badly, just praying for a remission to save medicine costs. Recently, because of disease prevention, according to the order to stop selling lottery tickets, they were in misery, and thanks to the sponsors, she went to beg for rice to earn a living. She said: “Today I received 5kg of rice, enough for the two of them to eat within a few weeks …” She thanked the hearts of gold for caring and helping the disadvantaged like her.


100 portions of rice were given from the Charity Club “Warm with love” on the afternoon of April 9, 2020


These are just two of many stories and families that are plagued by the severe impact of the Covid-19 pandemic…

With a ton of given rice, the Charity Club “Warm with love” would like to thank the sponsors, benefactors for their contribution and effort for this meaningful activity.


On the afternoon of April 10, rice continues to be delivered in love to the poor. Many difficult circumstances after receiving rice were emotional to thank the benefactors of the club


There are still many unfortunate lives in need of help, the club hopes there will be more contributions from sponsors, benefactors to join hands against the Covid-19 pandemic.

To accompany with the Charity Club “Warm with love” to replicate these meaningful activities, all contributions please send to:

– Account name: the Charity Club “Warm with love”
– Account number: 059704078787878
– At the bank: HDBank – East Saigon branch
– Content of transfer: Full name of supporter

The club will continue to receive contributions to enable more programs to help the poor. We hope to receive the support of benefactors and sponsors.


The Charity Club “Warm with love”