After making a big echo in the luxury real estate market by gaining close to 100% of successful transaction on the first day of sale, the Luxury compound Sol Villas project continues to sell more with limited number.

Luxury and magnificence are factors in helping Luxury compound Sol Villas project win the heart of customers.

The price “million dollar” is still well received by the market

In the past year, the real estate market has begun to introduce villas that worth tens of billions VND in high-end compounds. However, the buyers still accept the over-the-top high price because when they own these villas, customers will be able to enjoy a living environment that worths the price.

The compound villa line made its impression when being courageous enough to breaks the usual design rules to create isolated villas, to integrates into the villa top-notch living values and luxurious, modern amenities, this move has met the increasingly diverse needs of successful business people. Becoming the owner of the prestigious villas, the owners will also put their name in a community of civilized people and always highlight oneself’s individuality in the eyes of everyone.

In addition to the unique magnificence, one of the key factors that makes the “million dollar” villas catch the eyes of the elites is the security issue. Despite demanding many standards about openness and being close to nature but upperclass customers still do not forget to emphasize the safety. Surrounded by robust, solid walls, the Sol Villas have a well-controlled security system, supervised entrances and 24/24 security patrols etc. to ensure absolute security for its inhabitants.

The real estate investment professionals has identified, owning “Million dollar” is an exclusive right for upperclass only; at the same time it is also a way for the person to assert himself. Despite having ultra high prices but “Million dollar” villas are still well received by the market.

Sol Villas confidently goes into the second phase of sale

Despite the huge market demands, the number of “million dollar” compound villas that meet the requirements of upperclass clients is still limited. Therefore, right from the launch, the complex compound villa Sol Villas (Cat Lai, District 2) has received positive response from the market, nearly 100% of the products which were introduced in the first phase of sale quickly found their owner.

Having luxurious living space but still being close to nature is popular among the upperclass customers.

Owning few remaining golden land fund on the map of real estate in District 2, Cat Lai has become an ideal destination for high-end class residents to move in. Since then, the demand for buying villas in Cat Lai is always very high. The closed and having high standards villas zoning brings not only sustainable profit but also position and social status of the owners.

Sol Villas is one of the few neoclassical villas that stays true to the “quality” and the value of ” antique but never old” style design: luxurious, classy but very delicate and romantic. Sol Villas has Thierry Van De Wyngaert, former president of the French Academy of Architecture, as architectural consultant.

Located near the administrative center of District 2, Sol Villas is “benefited” from the great growth of transport infrastructure in the East, with key projects such as the Overpass at the My Thuy intersection (opened to traffic at the end of June 2018), the Street along the Sai Gon river and the Thoi Dai bridge linking Kim Cuong island with Mai Chi Tho street (came into operation in late May 2018), or the project of widening Nguyen Thi Dinh street to 60m, the project of connecting Cat Lai port with Vanh Dai road … All of the above works are going to contribute to the change in traffic of Cat Lai’s appearance and help this area to connect quickly to the center. In addition, the East area (District 2, 9, Thu Duc) is going to be the city’s first “smart metropolis”, the nucleus of the 4th industrial revolution.

In this sale phase, Sol Villas is going to introduce to the market a limited number of villas with very beautiful view, promising to continue to create a boost in the real estate market in District 2.