For customers, after choosing to buy the desired villas, especially the high-end compound villas, the biggest concern is the date of handover and receipt of the House Ownership Certificate. The House Ownership Certificate is an important legal basis for a real estate. So, only when receiving the House Ownership Certificate, the buyer is really the owner of the property on legal papers.

Although the COVID-19 epidemic has been complicated since the beginning of the year until now, the Developer SCC still maintains the commitment on the time of handing over the House Ownership Certificate to customers. The high-class compound Sol Villas has completed the legal status, committed to hand-over certificates, so they are highly appreciated and become the first choice of high-end customers.

The first handover program for 39 homeowners of the high-class compound Sol Villas will be held from August 27th to August 29th, 2020, and will be handed over by SCC’s representatives. The House Ownership Certificate handover program ensures safety and compliance with disease preventions. In the epidemic situation, the commitment to ensure the timely handover of the House Ownership Certificate, even some units given ahead of time, is a testament to the professional spirit and reputation of the Developer SCC.

The high-class compound Sol Villas with living value and investment will continue to increase. The handover of the House Ownership Certificate in accordance with state regulations demonstrates the prestige of the Developer SCC – the unit honored to receive the award “Best Developer 2019″ and the award ” Typical Green Project 2019” at the Vietnam Property Awards 2019.

As a luxury compound villa area located in the heart of the model urban area PhoDong Village, Sol Villas inherits “dual utilities” from PhoDong Village and exclusive privileges for this high-end compound. With complete available infrastructure investment, integrated with many internal 4-star facilities to improve the quality of life for residents such as swimming pool system, multi-purpose sports field, gym , sauna, children’s play area, beauty salon, supermarket, cafe … are always ready to meet all needs of sports, entertainment, and relaxation for the residential community. Security for the high-end community is also focused when there is a security system operating 24/7 with a self-contained 1.8 meter diaphragm wall and integrated face identifying technology, remotely identify the owner’s vehicle.

With the timely hand-over of the house, transparent legal status and full attention to experience a great life of happiness and prosperity, the high-class compound Sol Villas is the worthy choice that satisfies the criteria that high-end customers expect.