The real estate market in the coming time is forecasted to focus on developing quality and meeting the practical needs of the residents. Projects with clear legal factors, green architecture, environmentally friendly construction, will have the advantage when launching their products to the market. Thời báo Kinh Tế Sài Gòn (The Saigon Times) had an interview with Mr. TRAN VIET ANH – General Director of Saigon Construction Corporation (SCC) on the high-end real estate segment on the occasion of the company’s 20th anniversary.

Mr. Tran Viet Anh – General Director of Saigon Construction Corporation (SCC)

The Saigon Times: Over 20 years of development, what are the factors that make the success of SCC today?        

2019 is the year that SCC turns of an age 20, we can say that the number of 20 affirms the maturity of a business as well as a person. Over 20 years of development, despite all the ups and downs, we still believe that the success of a business, huge or small, long-term or start-up, comes from the three foundation elements: Clement Weather – Favorable Terrain – Concord Among The People.

Among the three factors mentioned above, for SCC, I think the factor of ” Concord Among The People ” is the most important factor, bringing success to the company until now. During the period of global financial crisis in 2008, which affected to 2013, along with the change in monetary policy for the field of real estate, some projects of SCC had difficulties. At that time, we had to reduce operating and personnel costs, and change our development strategy. By the belief and unanimity of all employees in the company, SCC surmounted the difficulties and had successes with PhoDong Village project, the luxury compound Sol Villas complex, 4 stars hotel (international standard) project – Fleur De Lys. In such hard times without having cohesion, enthusiasm and faith in leadership, the problems cannot be overcome.

As the business matures, the number of employees in the company increases, so all the breakthroughs that SCC focuses on are the development of human resources under the motto “Choose good people like carpenters choose good wood”.

The Saigon Times: After the success of PhoDong Village, the Sol Villas projects which were delivered on time in October was highly appreciated by customers. Could you tell us what “secrets” have made success in these projects?      

First, we focus on the main goal of developing a model Green urban area – with a low construction density of only 24.09% – associated with a model of residents living in harmony with nature, which was commented that it is extremely creative, leaving a deep impression in the community.

Next, we elaborate in each architectural design to serve the quality of homeowners’ life. Cared for by famous architects from Singapore and France, PhoDong Village has an elegant and sophisticated contemporary architectural style. Meanwhile, in the Sol Villas, each villa is designed in the “neoclassical” trend with architect Thierry Van De Wyngaert, the former President of the French Academy of Architecture as the design consultant, helping the house to get the light and wind, both to make homeowners enjoy a peaceful life in harmony with nature and to help save electricity.

One of the prerequisites for the success of SCC is that we deeply understand that the biggest concern of homebuyers today is contruction progress and legality, so that SCC has guaranteed maximum benefits for customers by strickly committing exact time of delivery a House Ownership Certificate (pink book). This not only demonstrates the credibility but also the sustainability of the project. This is the key factor for customers to feel secure when choosing PhoDong Village, Sol Villas as a place to settle and invest. In Sol Villas, it is expected that only about 6 months we have a pink book for customers.

Finally, to ensure the quality and progress of the project, SCC always chooses large and prestigious partners such as Hoa Binh, Newtecons (a member of Coteccons), SCQC3… SCC accepts high prices to ensure progress and built trust with customers. We believe that the most important belief is, when customers put their trust in us and we lose it, it is very difficult to regain.

The Saigon Times: SCC’s brand value has been confirmed through the projects. What is SCC’s policy to maintain its brand value?

In the situation that the real estate market is currently growing extremly “hot”, there are many projects launched, the brand development is much different from the previous period, so we have to choose our own way.

For SCC, besides maintaining a development strategy and constantly trying to improve, the most important thing to affirm its brand value is the dedication to the quality of the house when handing over to the buyers. Along with the transparency in legal documents, the construction schedule and handover of houses on time, the time to issue the pink book must be as fast as committed.

In business, I believe that Trust is the key point to maintain the brand. The same to SCC, building trust with customers and partners is the best way to spread brand name and maintain the brand value.

The Saigon Times: In each project implemented by SCC, how is the responsibility for the community expressed?

In every project, when planning construction, we always aim to sustainable development for the community. SCC prioritizes the development of green living environment for community living space with green area up to more than 75%. At PhoDong Village, residents can enjoy maximum fresh air thanks to 03 large central parks, 06 individual parks and a deliriously winding riverside-path along the 2 kms length of the urban area which help improve the quality of life and health for residents.

Community responsibility is not only expressed in the construction, but when the project is put into operation, SCC regularly organizes many unique community programs to create a strong bond between the residents. For example, the community activities which serve PhoDong Village residents has been successfully organized and enthusiastically supported by residents are: Elderly festival event “Song vui –song khoe” (Live happy – live healthy), musical show “Vu dieu PhoDong” (PhoDong dance), “Trai nghiem Yoga xanh cung PhoDong Village” (Experience Green Yoga with PhoDong Village),…

In addition to community responsibility at the project, SCC also implements many charitable programs to show its community’s social responsibility such as: taking care of the miserable elders, building bridges for disadvantaged areas in the Northern provinces, donating to Sang Ma Sao Secondary School, charity event at Binh Dinh province…

The Saigon Times: How does SCC have recruitment and remuneration policies to attract and retain talents?

As I said before, in SCC, human resources is the most important factor to create success. SCC Board of Directors always puts employees in the right position to promote their best. We think that every individual has advantages and disadvantages. The main point is that we are always care for creating suitable conditions for them to promote their strengths and improve their weaknesses.

In order to retain and attract talents, in addition to their income, we create a healthy, scientific working environment to help employees relieve work-related stress, maximize energy, and help each individual to improve their performances. According to statistics, 80% of the employees has been with SCC for more than 10 years.

In addition to the remuneration policies, we always consider the responsibility of training and developing human resources a top priority to form a professional, ethical and enthusiastic team. SCC also creates great solidarity activities for all employees to enjoy and improve themselves such as annual sports festival, Year End Party and Team Building…

Day by day, SCC strives to increase more and more benefits and incentives so that SCC will become a “good land” for its employees.

The Saigon Times: In the situation of the real estate market is seriously reduced, SCC has any strategies to develop in the future?

I forecast the domestic real estate market will continue growing. However, the market will shift to quality development and focus on the practical needs of the customers.

In the near future. SCC will try its best to continue to develop, rise to the position of leading investor and real estate developer in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and Vietnam in general. SCC’s strategy is “Slow but sure “, consolidating the improving of existing strengths. For example, in the resort real estate business, SCC is developing 01 hotel project and 02 resort projects with international 4-star standards with a very own brand, taking the service quality first.

Our direction next time is to catch up with the digital age, build smart urban areas, smart buildings, apply new materials – environmentally friendly materials to our projects.

At the same time, SCC will maintain and always do projects with clear legislation, continue the policy which strictly follow our commitment to the progress, committed date of hanging over the property and the quality. This is also the strategy that all SCC’s employees unanimously agree to.

The Saigon Times