Always focusing on human development and health care for employees, this September 6th, 2019, the Board of Directors of Saigon Construction Corporation (SCC) has collaborated with Hoa Hao Hospital to conduct an annual medical examination for all the employees in PhoDong Village urban area. This is one of the activities showing the care of the Company’s leaders toward the life and the health of the employees, and also the corporate culture of SCC.


Employees participating in overall health examination

The periodic health check is organized in order to examine the overall health status of each person, early detect health abnormalities, to help the employees to reasonably adjust their diet and work for the purpose of improving life quality and labor productivity of the company’s employees.
This year’s health examination program received a great response from all the employees of SCC. This is a good sign that they acknowledge the importance of health.

The periodic health check receiving a great response from the employee

Employees received health check in the aspects such as blood pressure measurement; examination of eyes, ears, nose, throat, teeth; heart rate measurement; ultrasound; lung X-ray; blood test, etc. The examination process was strictly carried out by a team of doctors with years of experience from Hoa Hao Hospital, with sufficient medical equipment.

Employees participating in overall health examination

In addition, female employees will have some additional medical examinations at Hoa Hao Hospital from September 9th to September 18th, 2019.
In addition to medical examination, doctors also provide necessary information for employees to monitor their own health in order to help themselves in prevention and restriction of some common diseases for office workers such as refractive errors, neck pain due to sitting for a long time, etc.

Periodic health check is an annual activity of SCC

The organization of the periodic health examinations for employees not only presents the attentive care to the health status of employees but also affirms the heart of SCC’s Board of Directors toward its human resources which is an important asset for every business.