On the morning of June 16th, 2020 at SCC Real Estate Exchange, the training session for sales staff was organized by Saigon Construction Corporation (SCC) – the developer of PhoDong Village model urban area – in cooperation with DKRA Vietnam was successful with the participation of numerous sales staff.

Attending the training session were representatives of SCC Developer, representatives of DKRA Vietnam, SCC sales staff and the presence of more than 150 consultants from DKRA Vietnam, general marketing and distribution agency for PhoDong Village project.

DKRA Vietnam sales executives attended a training session at SCC Real Estate Exchange

At the training session, representatives of DKRA Vietnam, Ms. Nu Huynh – Sales Director of PhoDong Village project – shared a lot of useful information about the orientation in the planning of the East Ho Chi Minh City area, the development of transport infrastructure, market overview and the potential to increase prices of real estate in the East.

Ms. Nu Huynh – Sales Director of PhoDong Village project shared information about the Eastern real estate market.

District 2, District 9 and Thu Duc District are the three districts located in the direction of developing an innovative urban area in the eastern part of Ho Chi Minh City. This is an area with many potential advantages and prospects for the development of the knowledge economy and science-technology.

The East is also an area with an impressive increase in real estate price in Ho Chi Minh City due to the advantage of synchronous transportation infrastructure and the push to establish “the Eastern City”, Eastern Saigon real estate market is considered as a “promising land” for a large number of investors. In particular, PhoDong Village Model Green Urban Area is the highlight of real estate in the East and is like a wonderful harmony with nature located in the heart of District 2’s administrative center.

The strengths and differences of PhoDong Village were also shared specifically by Mr. Phan Van Tu – Sales Director of SCC – during the training. Located in a prime location, well-planned from reputable developer, has synchronous infrastructure, transparent legal and low construction density, PhoDong Village model urban area has attracted the attention of many residents and investors from the first days of sale.

Mr. Phan Van Tu – Sales Director of SCC – shared about the sales program

On this occasion, Mr. Phan Van Tu – Investor’s representative – also announced the attractive program of selling 52 commercial townhouses, terraced houses, duplex villas and villas in phase I – PhoDong Village model urban area. The reservation also took place from 13pm on the same day.

The DKRA Vietnam sales team is very attentive to tracking information and is excited about the products of PhoDong Village. “Being able to directly visit PhoDong Village, I was really impressed with the green space, beautiful and modernly designed townhouses, villas, and utilities. I have a firm belief and confidence when introducing PhoDong Village products to customers because of the existing advantages of the project”, Ms. Phuong – Director of Trading Office Floor of DKRA Vietnam – said.

With outstanding facilities, the opening sale program of commercial townhouses and villas of PhoDong Village urban area this time promises to quench the thirst for high-end products to serve the needs of investors who interested in real estate in the east.