On May 13, VietnamWorks announced the survey results that more than 400 enterprises in many places have chosen to cut low-level staff and reduce salaries of middle and high-level employees to cope with the Covid-19 epidemic (the data recorded in the report on the labor market after the quarantine of the online recruitment website VietnamWorks). However, with a peaceful and professional working atmosphere at Saigon Construction Corporation Company SCC, factors such as cutting, reducing wages or firing are completely non-existent.

Timely support all employees right from the first days

Staff are working during the Covid-19 season

The normal pace of life has gradually returned after the quarantine was slackened. For many businesses, even when they are in the quarantine, their performance remains unchanged, perhaps just the workspace moving from office to home. And so, the pace of work in these businesses immediately began to come back quickly.

At Saigon Construction Corporation Company SCC, with 21-year development and experience in coping with difficulties and fluctuations, the forms of working mode and timely support to employees during the pandemic turned difficulties into opportunities for improving capacity and solidarity. Right before the implementation of the quarantine, SCC has proactively anticipated, equipped with necessary software and hardware, installed and trained all employees to prepare readily to meet the needs of remote work. With the support of the company in technology and workflow, SCC’s employees quickly adapted to working from home 50% of the working time to respond to the Prime Minister’s call for the quarantine and ensure smooth and effective work. Quick tips for working from home are quickly shared, such as preparing a “chill” working corner, securing the necessary equipment, planning and daily schedules, and most importantly maintaining a serious working attitude, professional and active. Therefore, the work is still operated well in the “online” mode, and the work flow is not affected when the employees return to the office after the quarantine.

Maintain the principle of “using people as carpentry” and upholding the factor “humanity”

Mr. Tran Viet Anh – General Director of SCC shared the meaning of “Quality” with all employees.

Just as Mr. Tran Viet Anh – General Director of SCC Company once affirmed that 2020 will be a year in which SCC develops more in terms of “Quality” – quality is not only the quality of service, quality of work, but also is the temperament, the bravery of each member of the SCC family. Right from the beginning of the information on quarantine, the General Director directly reassured all members of the SCC family when straight-forward speaking about the vision and policies of the Board of Management on the market situation of Vietnam Real Estate during the pandemic and commit to preserve all the rights & benefits of employees, say no to cut down and fire (speaking in the News 20h HTV9 on April 09, 2020). This has greatly helped all employees to believe in the strategies of the Board of Management during Covid-19.

The culture of the SCC family has always been the guiding principle for everyone to move forward together. The Board of Management has always tried to create conditions for each members to maximize the energy in the most comfortable spirit. Maintaining the optimism spirit and positive working energy during the pandemic, SCC Company has been doing its best to join hands with the Government to fight off the disease, overcome the difficult period ahead and be ready for recovery period of economy after Covi-19.