Over the past year 2019, Vietnam Real Estate market has faced the fierce competition. Practically, the projects which have professional real estate developer, earn and maintain the customer’s trust by real values, have the tendency to occupy the top rank in the market. Let’s talk with Mr. Tran Viet Anh – General Director of Saigon Construction Corporation (SCC) for deeper understanding of the success and enthusiasm which this company has persisted in pursuing and always met customer expectations in over the past two decades.

Mr Trần Việt Anh – General Director of Saigon Construction Corporation (SCC)

Dear Sir, going through two decades of setting up and expanding in Vietnam real estate market so far, what is the breakthrough development of SCC?

On the occasion of 20th anniversary in 2019, SCC is so proud of affirming our enterprise growth with many outstanding steps. I still keep in mind that the success of a business, huge or small, whether long-term business or start-up, comes from the three foundation elements “Clement Weather – Favorable Terrain – Concord Among The People.” Among these three factors, “Concord Among The People” always plays a core value in every important strategy of SCC, developed under the motto “Choose good people like carpenters choose good wood”, as an internal motivation to new breakthroughs.

Redirecting strong investments into urban development projects, how does SCC receive positive feedbacks from the real estate market?

With the mission of “Developing sustainability with the community”, SCC has marked the brand reputation with many high-class real estate products such as PhoDong Village and the luxury compound Sol Villas. Regardless of any projects, SCC has built up our brand reputation by strictly following our commitment to the progress, committed date of hanging over the property as well as exact time of delivery a House Ownership Certificate (pink book)…

The luxury compound Sol Villas complex

So how does SCC set vision and devote all of its energy to creating ideal living values in the community?

SCC especially prioritizes the area for green areas with the construction density of only 24.09%. At PhoDong Village, residents can enjoy maximum fresh air thanks to 3 large central parks, 6 individual parks and a walking road of riverside parks along the 2km length interspersed with entertainment and sport areas… We stay focus on architectural design that not only is luxury, high-class and exquisite but also optimize the harmony with natural light and air, to improve the quality of life.

More than providing a fresh, comfortable living environment, SCC regularly organizes a number of community activities to engage and promote the sport spirit of the residents such as Elderly festival event “Song vui –song khoe” (Live happy – live healthy), “Trai nghiem Yoga xanh cung PhoDong Village” (Experience Green Yoga with PhoDong Village)…  Especially, the culture events for Vietnamese traditional holiday such as Mid-Autumn Festival “Trang ram doan vien – Full-moon family Union”, “Don tet Doan Ngo cung PhoDong Village – Welcoming Doan Ngo Tet Holiday with PhoDong Village”, Vu Lan holiday “Uoc nguyen yeu thuong” (Wish of Love), Spring festival “Tet doan vien” (Tet reunion), road Spring flowers … all for building a happy, dynamic and civilized community.

Sincerely thank you.