Receiving books – accompanying the Program “Spreading love – Nurturing knowledge”


Dear Sponsors, Benefactors, and Golden-hearts,

Books bring us rich emotional experiences. The book is a means for our ancient people to keep, record outstanding events to pass on to descendants. It’s also an infinite map for us to go to new horizons. It helps us to better understand the natural geography and society of a country, opens up aspirations and motivations for people to try and achieve what they want.

With the great meaning brought by the reading culture, Charity Club Warm With Love has decided to carry out the program “Spreading love – Nurturing knowledge” together with fundraising for reading rooms for children in remote areas, mountainous areas to learn. The fundraising program is combined with the 20-year SCC book “Full Of Faith” launch where all revenue from book sales will go to the fund. In the launch of the book “Full Of Faith”, the fundraising amount reached over 200 million VND, temporarily enough to build 03 reading rooms for children in the mountainous areas by 2021.

In order to spread the spirit of accompanying the program as well as improve the reading culture, the club officially announced to receive additional donations from donors, sponsors, and readers in cash, as well as expanding the receipt of donation books. Reading helps people to form beautiful emotions such as loving and sharing. Primary and secondary school students in poor, mountainous, and remote areas are young bamboo shoots of the country that need to be cultivated and cared for. Therefore, each book donated to the fund is a meaningful intellectual gift for the children.

The book receiving event will be from December 3rd, 2020 to January 27th, 2021, if you wish to donate used or new books, please contact Charity Club Warm With Love. The donated books will be classified into three reading rooms by the club or into new additional reading rooms. Hopefully, each reading room will be built with an estimated budget of 70 million VND/room and more than 1,000 kinds of books for each room, children in poor, mountainous and remote areas, examples of studious learning but still limited in terms of means, economy… will be able to fulfill their dreams and utilize, cherish, and use knowledge in a useful way.

Sincerely thank!

Chairman of the club