Along with the development and sublimation of the real estate market, the concept of housing has been upgraded to become a “true home”, where the most basic needs bring happiness, peace to every family and the comprehensive development of children. Above all, the home is the place to inspire and cherish the role and position of women in the family properly.


Men build houses – women build home

In the context of social development, the viewpoint “Men build houses – women build home” is still valid. With the financial prepared, the man always considered with suggestions even the smallest from women for apartment selection.

In fact, it is noted that women are participating more and more deeply into real estate market. A research of has published the results of gender surveys of customers looking for real estate through online channels last year, showing that in 1,000 surveyed people, up to 400 are female. Notably, more than 60% of these people are aged 25-34 (young couples).


Of the 1,000 people looking for real estate through online channels in 2019, up to 400 are women, and more than 60% of these are aged 25-34.

The right house will be a prerequisite for women to show their affection and responsibility with a strong “rear” role. This is reflected in the selection of the house so that the woman, who inspires loving and caring of her husband and child, always wants to come back to take care of her home every moment.


What a caring woman look after when choosing a property

In spite of recognizing that women are the home’s energy source, the development of a real estate market that satisfies all of safety, security, complete comfort and coziness, while ensuring the aesthetics of the smallest details such as kitchen space, balcony lots, loggias… requires accumulation of experience and enthusiasm in career and life from deverlopers and investors.

If the housing needs of young households are referenced, the market is seriously lacking in the source of products designed in the direction of “feminization” up to the smallest details, but completely brought peace security, and absolutely safe for women and children.

Besides, the element of green lifestyle, immersing in nature, enjoying the fresh feeling with a peaceful living space is also a trend that the female owners of each home consider when seeking real estate. No matter the grandeur of the building, modern women pay great attention to the green areas in the living space, not only help the family to have new inspiration at work and renewable energy sources after a long working day, but also help them comfortably balance their life with doing chores.


PhoDong Village – the perfect choice of female owners

The concept of “housing” has been upgraded to become a “true home” where the most basic needs to bring happiness, peace to each family and the comprehensive development of children are placed in the peaceful living environment and civilized community.


Today’s society, women have raised the concept of “housing” to become “true home”.


In PhoDong Village – A model urban area with a total area of over 41 hectares has just won the “Typical Green Project 2019” Award – the perfect hospitality and classy living space are meticulously cared for the residents.

Compared with construction standards, PhoDong Village has “far exceeded” in many criteria, especially the construction density at PhoDong Village is only 24.09%, the remaining area is prioritized for green-living development. In particular, facilities of culture, entertainment and greenery system are fulfilled with 3 large central parks, 6 satellite parks and strip riverside theme park: Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter stretching nearly 2km winding along the river surrounding the urban area.

A rare factor in the current urban areas is the beautiful wide internal road system that enhances the value of the villa. In PhoDong Village, 24 internal routes with 17 types of flowers are not only easy to transport for cars in 2 lanes, but also bring airiness and romance to the common space. Of course, it is impossible not to mention the whole set of closed utilities and security – safety, the “must-have” standards for high-class residents.


Internal area 24 routes with 17 species of flowers bring airy, romantic space.

Understanding the aesthetic needs and love of the green living space of women, the Developer of PhoDong Village – SCC – also skillfully selected the image of Phuong Vy flower, the queen of tropical flowers to do the main design at PhoDong Village. The deep green of leaves and the bright red of Phuong Vy flowers make PhoDong Village more romantic and charming than the surrounding urban areas.

The Developer SCC is also interested in meticulously developing each material close to nature, friendly with children, meeting the top concerns of the woman – the owner of each home.

With the design of a diverse apartment area cared by famous experienced architects from Surbana (Singapore) and architects of EAI-groupe (France), PhoDong Village is a “contemporary – architectural” style with elegant lines, expressing sophistication and luxury, embellishing the “feminization” in every detail in order to meet each rigorous aesthetic requirements of the female owner. Each villa has a lot of space for loggias and balcony, in which loggias is the highlight. This is a place where a woman can take care of the family, can grow flowers by herself, and can provide vegetables, organic food for the whole family.


Each villa has space for loggias and balconies, embellishing the “feminization” in every detail, meeting the aesthetic requirements of the female owner.


Most importantly, legal issues and the time to hand over the “House ownership certificate” is also a factor that helped PhoDong Village to score points in the eyes of the female owners. Creating trust for customers and affirming its reputation, The Developer SCC is always committed to the quality of construction and guarantee of delivery schedule, time to deliver “House ownership certificate”. In fact, more than 80% of PhoDong Village residents receive a “House ownership certificate” shortly after moving in. This has satisfied customers coming to PhoDong Village and is highly appreciated by real estate experts.

Combining the philosophy of Feng Shui brings peace of mind for the whole family

Besides the idea of flowers, SCC also focuses on designing projects based on the oriental Feng Shui element. Accordingly, the project is located in the East Area of Saigon, in the Creative City construction area of planning policy. In Feng Shui it will carry The Wood Element, symbolizing the authority of the Dragon and is the manifestation of Spring, the most beautiful season of the year when all things are growing.

Thanks to the design according to Feng Shui, PhoDong Village is a smooth combination of the philosophy of water and wind movement, based on the “Heaven – Earth – Human” relationship. This contributes to help the female owners feel secure for the development of achievement, careers, and successful study of their husbands, children and family members.

Aiming to a dynamic lifestyle connected with the community, The Developer SCC regularly organizes festivals and entertainment activities to connect residents, upholding a Vietnamese lifestyle and respecting for community relations, such as: “Happy life – Healthy life” festival for elders, “Full Moon Festival 2018” festival, “New Year Reunion 2019” program … These are not only to create a perfect comfortable life for all residents, but also to help building a civilized, intellectual and elite community – a healthy development environment for young generations.


Towards a dynamic life of community connection, SCC Company regularly organizes festivals, entertainment activities to connect residents.


If children are the future of their parents, then the “true home” is the right choice for parents to give peace of mind about the next generation, the pride of the husband and father who bring the best living environment for the whole family.

After all the efforts to pursue the dream of a perfect settlement, now the woman of the family is extremely satisfied with the home in the green space of PhoDong Village.