In the Program “Loving Prayers for our beloved”, most of the residents of PhoDong Village, Sol Villas Compound Area, wrote on their lanterns the word “Peace” to send to their parents and families.

At 19:30 on 13 August 2019, the owners of Saigon Construction Corporation (SCC) opened the Program “Loving Prayers” for PhoDong Village Residents, Sol Villas Residents, and the employees of the Corporation, which was held on Phuong Vy Boulevard (PhoDong Village Residential Area). Being held on the occasion of Ullambana Festival, the Program “Loving Prayers for our beloved” took place in solemn atmosphere of the holy nature combined with various meaningful activities: Each participant having a flower in front of his/her chest to shows love for his/her parents, Participants writing their loving prayers and best wishes on lanterns which would bring their wishes and prayers for their parents and family with them, monk’s lecture about responsibilities of children to parents as well as and the meaning of the Ullambana in Buddhism, offering artistic performance to parents…

The most impressive activity of the Program “Loving Prayers for our beloved” was writing by each family of the best wishes and prayers for parents on Lantern. The thing that moved all people present in the festival is love, affections, gratitude, and filial devotion which were expressed in the prayers for “Peace” that most of families wished and wrote on lantern. After all hardship works, rise and fall in our life, what each person and each family desire is “Peace”: Peace for our family, Peace for our children, Peace for our parents whether they are living or dead.

In addition to the prayers for Peace, children also expressed the best wishes of Happiness, Longevity, Health… to their parents.

Following is some of the pictures of the Program “Loving Prayers for our Beloved”:

“A rose for you
A rose for me
An red roses for those who still have a mother living with them in this world”

Coming to the Program “Loving Prayers for our Beloved”, each person would have a rose in front of his/her chest to express his/her love for his/her Father and Mother Each of us is very happy to have a red rose in front of our chest, and one will feel very sad to have a white rose in front of his chest. Having a rose in front of our chest, I am aware that I have a father and a mother who gave me this life.

15 emotional poems on children’s love toward their parents.

All persons attending the Event were desirous of writing the best wishes and prayer for their Parents and their Family members on Lanterns.

“Mother! I love you very much
You have worked hard all your life to raise me.
Being your child, I always understand your love for me.
Mummy, I love you very much!”
With the meaningful words of the song which was selected as the Opening Song for the Program My beloved mother”, the little girl singer Candy Ngoc Ha made all audience become moved and fret with memories with their parents.

Mr. Tran Viet Anh – General Director of Saigon Construction Corporation (SCC) gave a speech about the meaning of the Program “Loving Prayers for our Beloved” and the Corporation leaders’ zeal for building a civilized urban area, where the values of the traditions of the nation are reserved for ever.

Sthavira Thich Tri Thuong (Deputy Chief of the Standing Committee of the Buddhist Executive Council of Vietnam Buddhist Sangha of District 12) gave a lecture about the gratitude and love for parents and the meaning of the Day of Ullumbana.

Sthavira Thich Tri Thuong advised gently that “Being busy with earning living has made us forget our parents’ favours to us, and Ullumbana is a good occasion to sow the seeds of good in our soul and to remind us about our responsibilities and love of a child toward parents”. In addition, Sthavira Thich Tri Thuong expressed his support and higly appraised the Program “Loving Prayers for our Beloved” because of the values, sensations, humanity that the Program have given to all participants in the Event- regardless of their religion.

Mr. Ho Van Huy Cuong – Deputy General Director of Platinum Life Corporation (PLC) and the representative of PhoDong Village residents and Sol Villas residents presented flowers to express thanks to Sthavira Thich Tri Thuong.

“When I was 4 years old, my family was very poor, but my parents sent to a nursery school. Our family had only a bicycle which was given to my eldest sister to go to school. As for me, my father carried me on his back to school every morning and carried me on his back again to home in afternoon”.

Ms. Dao Thi Thuy – a resident of PhoDong Village shared with the attendants of the Event her memories about rememberable days of poverty and hardship in the past. This story happened when she was only a child – 4 years old – but the memory about the days she went to school on her father’s back is the most valuable one for her until today and forever.

Mrs. Pham Thi Thu Phong – a Deputy General Director of PLC presented flowers to Ms. Dao Thi Thuy to thank her for her share.
“Mother’s love is as immense as Pacific Ocean
Mother’s love is sweet as good stream”.

The song “Long Me” by Musician Y Van has deeply impressed to mind of Vietnamese generations for its affectionate words express children’s love for their Mother. The song was performed by Singer Ha Van.

“I remember the days I lived with Daddy and Mummy in love
live in a remote country from which I miss home very much
My earning living in remote country far from my beloved home
Months and Years wait for my return to home”.

“My wish to live with my parents to love and care for them. However, due to my situation, I have to live in foreign country where I miss my father and mother in my home country very much. Singer Ngoc Han expressed such feeling in a moved song “Noi Nho Phuong Xa”.

“One day each of us will close our eye as quickly as a second when we will forget this life.
Think about what we are doing, will doing and did.
For only one second you will close your eye and will forget all things forever
Think about our father and mother who have love for us as ever”.

The Program “Loving Prayers for our Beloved” closed with the recommendation that each one should love his/her parents. The recommendation was expressed by a artistic performance by singer Trong Thuong and Dancers from Quang Lam Team.

With 90 minutes of emotions, the organizer of the Program “Loving Prayers for our beloved” hoped to bring to the residents of PhoDong Village and the residents of Sol Villas and all the employees of SCC and PLC the full and meaningful moments for their lives.