During recent years, new standards for choosing the living space of the upper class have been set. There has been a growing interest in high-end villas in compound areas as those satisfy both factors: Separate and high-class.

The blooming of “prosperous upper class”

According to Bloomberg Magazine, despite the hardships that the whole of Asia is facing, Vietnam’s economy still sparkles with an incredible growth rate. This led to the emergence of a “prosperous upper class”: people travelling on Rolls-Royce and wearing Switzerland’s Patek Philippe wristwatch. They are also those who cherish and savor the First Growth Bordeaux wines with the price of no less than $2,000 per bottle or Domaine de La Romanée Conti bottles that can only be obtained through auction services.

It is no coincidence that the three yachts brands Benetti, Beneteau and Azimut all have established their representative offices in Vietnam. Meanwhile, according to the representative of the exclusive distributor of luxury cars that cost no less than $1 million/unit, the distributors and manufacturers of private aircraft are also attempting to approach the group of wealthy and upstream customers that only accounts for 5% of the population.

This proves that, more than ever, luxurious and super-luxury products are increasingly accepted in Vietnam market. As a matter of course, if accessories such as watches, perfumes and cars are appreciated by the riches, they even prioritize their living space – the embodiment for their reputation and power – ten times more.

House-selecting standards of the upper class: From the world to Vietnam

There have been numerous special zones established for the rich all over the world. The Taiwanese riches tend to secret luxury shopping, but most of them invest in real estate and on average, each person owns 5.4 homes. Especially, Yangmingshan, located near Yangmingshan National Park, a 25-30-minute drive from Taipei, is home to numerous villas of wealthy businessmen of the previous generation of Taiwan. As the most expensive place in New York and the second expensive in the US, Sagaponack – a high-class residential area in the Hamptons on the East End of Long Island – is famous as a resort for the riches, with only 491 residents. According to Forbes, Deep Water Bay – a residential area located on the southern bank of Hong Kong Island – is considered “the richest neighborhood on earth”. Meanwhile, the most luxurious choices for homes of the upper class in Dubai include the Palm Island Villas in the artificial Palm Islands.

Owning a villa in a high-end compound is considered as one of the important factors to affirm the upper-class status.

Thus, it is easy to see that it is not the luxurious, bustling centers but the areas with green, closed and tranquil living space that are chosen by the upper class. Besides material and spiritual values, observant people may perceive that successful people often choose to be neighbors of their peers. And of course, this is not just a coincidence.

Sol Villas: A community of million dollars

Despite costing millions of dollars, the liquidity of villa compounds is always positive. It is noteworthy that although the demand is growing and more and more people can afford such homes, the current supply is not sufficient. Most of the new supplies focus on adjacent houses, while there has been no new supply for villas. Specifically, projects with distinctive designs and optimal utility will dominate both buyers and investors.

Not anywhere faraway, it is right in District 2 which accounts for more than half of the supply of high-end real estate this year, the number of luxury villas offered for sale on the market is extremely small. The meager supply comes from Sol Villas high-class compound located in the 41 ha PhoDong Village urban area invested by Saigon Construction Corporation (SCC) with DKRA Vietnam as the exclusive distributor. First launched in May 2018, Sol Villas was excitably welcomed with an absorption rate of up to 80% of the number of products. In the fourth quarter of 2019, SCC will continue to launch new villas with the best locations of the project.

It is undeniable that the scarcity of such products in the market is raising the value of Sol Villas higher than ever. However, the core element for elite customers to quickly pay attention to this product is the powerful neoclassical architecture and the location in the high-class compound with optimal standards and utilities.

Owners fully enjoying the top-notch and separate living space in Sol Villas high-end

Sol Villas is also the first project in Cat Lai developed under a closed compound model with systems of security, guarding, 24/7 cameras, security magnetic cards at the entrance to absolutely protect the nobility of owners.

Sol Villas compound has a diverse utility system, including a central lake park of 2,300m2, riverside park of 5,300m2, outdoor BBQ zone, kid room, clubhouse, swimming pool, sports ground, etc. In addition to internal utility, the upper-class community can also enjoy the 4-star facilities of PhoDong Village urban area, including 3 central parks, 6 surrounding parks and riverside park of almost 2 km along the landscape river surrounding the project; gym, sauna, swimming pool, supermarket, hair salon, café, sports ground, playground for children, etc.

With the current trend of seeking exclusive and exquisite values for their living space in the world of successful people, luxurious and noble neoclassical villas in Sol Villas compound will fulfill the aspirations of the upper class.


Reference: Investment Bridge