On June 3, 2020, SCC Investment Corporation (SCCI), Saigon Construction Corporation (SCC), and Platinum Living Corporation (PLC) conducted a summary of business activities in the first five months of the year, the orientation in the coming time to survive and develop when the situation of Covid 19 disease is still very complicated with the leading of Mr. Tran Viet Anh – Member of the Board of Management, General Director of companies – with the participation of key managers.

SCCI, SCC and PLC quickly restructure to adapt to the requirements of the market and in accordance with the economic development.

To overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, each affected country, major or small, will have to use all skills and resources to fight back. As a result, the global economy has been experiencing a period of disruption before being able to return to growth in the context of conflicts and trade wars that have not shown any signs of easing.

Board of Management lead the meeting

In this situation, the general trend of the global economy is to develop cautiously and focus on real products based on the actual needs of consumers, serving real customers. Keeping up with this trend, SCCI, SCC and PLC have changed quickly and reasonably when restructuring to suit the development which is a new orientation adjusted into the current economy.

According to the DKRA’s report, the apartment segment in Ho Chi Minh City in the first quarter of 2020 is going through a difficult period, with supply and consumption plummeting. Out of 1,547 apartments launched in the quarter, there were 400 Grade A (high-class) apartments and 1,147 Grade B (mid-range) apartments. As the same time, the supply of cheap apartments (Grade C) has become less and less available in the HCMC real estate market. Therefore, real customers with real needs for this segment is a solid goal for SCC to devote all their efforts to creating the most stable, reasonable and suitable supply for the market. Set criteria to focus products on hand, with small profits but quick payback.

Besides, the land plot segment also shows the “thirst” situation of supply, when the whole city has only 3 new projects launched, providing 175 plots to the market, 74% lower than the previous quarter and 32% lower than the same period last year. Therefore, SCC will create a brand-new intermediate product line in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding provinces such as Dong Nai, Long An… besides continuing the development of PhoDong Village project which has created a prestigious developer brand in high-class real estate.

In the coming time, SCC will accelerate the progress of PR and communication activities to launch a new product line under the new brand name to serve the new segment and direction of SCC with the hope of bringing practical and timely products to real customers. In addition, SCC has continuously made choices and promoted many other projects to increase the development for the future.

SCCI continues to affirm its position in the field of industrial factory real estate with Solar power projects and Logistics.

A positive signal while overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic, with its efforts and reputation in the field of construction and factory leasing, despite many difficulties caused by the situation that many existing customers could not stand through have to stop renting the premises, SCCI immediately had other customers take these places. Among the new partners, there are many potential customers who promise to be long-term and strong cooperation after the epidemic is over.

In addition, SCCI also stressed the investment in constructing grid-connected solar power system for factories. Current revenue from solar power is very good and stable. This shows the right investment strategy in the field of sustainable development of clean renewable energy. Therefore, SCCI continues to invest in rooftop solar systems in the near future. This promises to bring the leading advantage as well as great benefits not only for SCCI but also for our customers and partners who rent factories of SCCI.

According to CBRE, the field of e-commerce will be a driving force for development of logistics industry in 2020. However, in a state of disease outbreak that has increased online sales and accelerated multi-channel retailing, additional supply of warehouses in and around major metropolitan areas is urgently needed and designed to meet the sudden increase in last-mile delivery. The outbreak of the disease and its negative effects on the global supply chain will continue to promote this long-term trend of movement. This will change the way operators set up and build their distribution centers and warehousing. This opened a new direction for SCCI, the cooperation to develop in the field of logistics. Currently, SCCI and its partners are carrying out investment procedures for Logistic projects in the vicinity of Ho Chi Minh City. This will be a profitable and sustainable field for SCCI in the future.

Highly focused on key and core areas but not forgetting to expand new areas according to the overall development momentum

Developing new projects to adapt to the development of the market but not neglecting the strategies that the company has laid the foundations for a long time. The high-end apartment and resort real estate projects are still cherished by the Board of Management, with the promise of launching after the market gradually stabilizes.

Having sustainable roots and a solid core value in the real estate market, however, the vision and strategy of the Board of Management does not forget about the Service sector, which is a key to open direct access to consumers. With the mind of creating eternal value, serving customers from the smallest things and having to maintain that quality of “platinum” in the long-term, Mr. Tran Viet Anh once again reminded everyone of the word “Chat (Quality)” in the theme shared in the Gala Dinner 2019 to welcome 2020.

Going into the field of Services, the General Director shared about the projects of developing culture, health and education of the society with the criteria of sustainable development with the community. It is expected that in November 2020, SCC and the partner will launch a new product line “Cancer screening” in cooperation with the leading research university in the US which will be a great contribution to public health. After this program is officially launched, the company will have a free cancer screening policy for all employees with the desire to provide good health care for core employees.

With the development of education and the promotion of reading culture, the company has received positive signals from the first shop of The Books Garden Cafe in Da Nang. Located right next to the General Science Library of the City, The Books Garden Da Nang has a beautiful view towards the Han River, surrounded by shady century-old trees all the years, and people on social networks call it coffee of “bookworm”. The coffee is deliciously blended with many new flavors, bookshelves of various types, serving diverse tastes of customers which are compliments of customers for the company’s reading culture development project and also motivations for The Books Garden Cafe establishments to gradually build up a chain everywhere, the nearest is The Books Garden Nha Trang and prepare to search location in Vung Tau for new branch.

Creating sustainable values ​​along with developing sustainability with the community

In parallel with business projects, charitable activities are always paid attention to by the Board of Management and Board of Directors and continuously got contributions from kind hearts, sponsors throughout those days. In summary, there are 17 charitable programs launched in less than 1 year of Charity Club “Warm with love” launched which are reported by the media and had positive feedback form HTV9 on the domestic news. Prominent in the charity programs is Love Porridge Bowl, which offers rice, porridge and milk to miserable patients at hospitals.

In addition, responding to the Government’s call and direction in the prevention of diseases and constantly supporting people in the provinces that have difficult conditions with the program of sponsoring for Dr. Dao Anh Quang – a lecturer at Hue Industrial College to produce hand sanitizer gel for free to local people; donating 1,000 antibacterial cloth masks and 100 liters of hand sanitizer gel to people in Binh Xuyen district (Vinh Phuc province); funding three hundred million Vietnam Dongs to buy fresh water and water tanks for people in Khanh Lam commune, which is a drought-stricken area, U Minh district, Ca Mau province; giving antibacterial and water-resistant cloth to people in Ca Mau province to make 2,500 masks to prevent epidemics; donating two hundred million Vietnam Dongs to the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front in the prevention and control of Covid-19; supporting two tons of rice for the miserable life, the seller of lottery tickets, street vendors, handicapped people, the elderly and the poor laborers… through four-time giving event to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic.

Most recently, The Charity Club “Warm with love” has provided a three-month chemotherapy fee for Nguyen Dang Khoa who has liver cancer, and a scholarship program of fifty million Vietnam Dongs for 10 children in SOS Children’s Villages Dien Bien and Thanh Hoa branches. In the near future, The Charity Club “Warm with love” has initially conducted a survey program to build 04 houses for Agent Orange victims in 3 provinces of Quang Binh, Quang Tri and Ha Tinh; the program “Building bridges for children to go to school” in mountainous Son Hoi commune, Son Hoa district, Phu Yen province; and a school building program for children in the poor mountainous district of Nam Tra My in Quang Nam province.

Consolidating the personnel, appointing senior personnel to meet the vision, expectations as well as the belief and unanimity of the entire SCCI, SCC, PLC family

SCC, SCCI and PLC always focus on developing human resources to meet the growth conditions of companies, respond to the great human values ​​that the whole family aims to, as well as constantly fostering human resources to meet the development of the market.

The Board of Management also decided to appoint the 04 position. They have contributed a lot to SCCI, SCC and PLC, as well as have many leadership experiences, long-term attachment to the development of the company over the years. Accordingly, Mrs. Pham Thi Thu Phong and Mr. Giang Chau Tuan are appointed as Deputy General Directors, Mr. Phan Ngoc Huy is appointed as Deputy Appraisal Committee, Mr. Bui Quang Vinh was appointed as Director of NamViet Construction Investment Consulting Joint Stock Company (NAVICO). On behalf of the Board of Management, Mr. Tran Viet Anh highly appreciated the dedication of the newly appointed members, believed that they would better fulfill the newly assigned tasks.

Mr. Tran Viet Anh – Representative of the Board of Management – awarded the decision of appointing Deputy General Director to Mrs. Pham Thi Thu Phong

Mr. Tran Viet Anh – Representative of the Board of Management – awarded the decision to appoint Deputy General Director to Mr. Giang Chau Tuan 

Mr. Tran Viet Anh – Representative of the Board of Management – awarded the Decision of Appointing Appraisal Committee to Mr. Phan Ngoc Huy.

Mrs. Nguyen Ngoc Cat Tuong – Representative of the Board of Management – awarded the decision of appointing Director of NAVICO to Mr. Bui Quang Vinh

The newly appointed brothers and sisters have sent their sincere thanks to the Board of Management and Board of Directors and expressed their determination to fulfill their new tasks, helping the company to grow steadily.

The Board of Management representatives took photos with the brothers and sisters who are appointed to the new position.

As Mr. Tran Viet Anh once said, a business that wants to develop sustainably also needs to create its own “temperament”, and that enterprise’s temperament is also a “quality” that reflects the vision, expectations as well as beliefs and unanimity of the whole family.

The final meeting ended happily with the joy and enthusiasm about new projects, new visions and the bright road ahead that all members of the big family unanimously and firmly followed.