The Board of Directors and all members of the SCC Family had a fun and meaningful Gala Dinner. The joyful atmosphere filled the Gala dinner to celebrate Spring Canh Ty 2020 was held on the evening of January 11 at PhoDong Village.

Warmth in the last days of the year

Spring atmosphere comes with the royal poinciana trees (Phuong Vy) decorated with colorful lights, Ochna integerrima (Cay Mai) branches along the inner roads that brighten up PhoDong Village. On the stage with bright red lights reminiscent of lucky red envelopes signal that spring has arrived.

chuong-trinh-gala-dinner-chu-de-chat-tai-phodong-village-3The song “Chuc Xuan Tai Loc” by singers and dancer opened for the year-end Gala night of SCC big family.

This year, the theme of the New Year’s Eve Gala night for our SCC family is called “CHAT”. “CHAT” here, is quality which is measured by customer satisfaction. It can be seen that the past year 2019 has been a year that has affirmed the quality of services and products which the SCC family brings to the market.

The quality of the SCC big family is not only an attribute of products and services but also the quality of an entire system and a process. As a result, after a year of hard work, SCC has received many positive responses, many articles affirmed that SCC has met customer expectations, and in Vietnam Outstanding Property Awards 2019 held at Caravelle Hotel on the evening of January 9, SCC has been honored with two major awards in the real estate industry: “Best Developer” and ” The Green Award ” in 2019. It is a mark of great success SCC family.

A business’s temperament after 20 years of “Tron mot niem tin (Full of Faith)”

The theme “CHAT” of the program is also a profound living philosophy that Mr. Tran Viet Anh sent to all members of the SCC big family.

In a person always exists 4 types of temperament: Choleric (short-tempered and irritable); Sanguine (enthusiastic, active, and social); Phlegmatic (calm); Melancholic (analytical and quiet). And these 4 types of temperament are always unstable, sometimes we find ourselves as one temperament which sometimes is another. So we find it quite hard to understand. However, there will be one “strongest” temperament, and it also determines one’s “official” temperament.

chuong-trinh-gala-dinner-chu-de-chat-tai-phodong-village-4Mr. Tran Viet Anh shared with all employees.

In management activities, leaders need to understand the temperament of those under them. This is very important because when the leader understands the temperament of employees, he will use his subordinates more effectively. Leaders who understand the temperament of the executors need to know the strengths and limitations of each type of temperament in order to promote their strengths and overcome their limitations.

And so, a business wants to develop sustainably, it also needs to create its own “temperament”, and that temperament of the business is also a “CHAT” that expresses the vision, expectations, beliefs and the consensus of the entire SCC family.

Following the sharing from Mr. Tran Viet Anh, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Vinh – General Director of SMC Saigon also made a few words about the situation of the concrete company in the past 2019. Although in 2019 with the decline of the real estate market in general, the company has achieved the proposed targets with the Board of Directors, as well as achieved certain success with figures exceeding 130% compared to original targets.

chuong-trinh-gala-dinner-chu-de-chat-tai-phodong-village-2Mr. Nguyen Thanh Vinh spoke in the program.

Honoring and Rewarding the departments and individuals for achievements in 2019

On this year’s Gala dinner, the Board of Directors also honored and rewarded individuals, collectives and departments with outstanding achievements. Dedication Award for Accounting Department, Sales Department of SCC and Supervisory Board, Finance Department, Accounting Department of SCCI; Innovation Award for Project Management Department, Marketing Department, Legal Department of SCC, Sales Department of SCCI, F&B Department, Accounting Department of PLC, and Project Management Department of Fleur De Lys Hotel.

chuong-trinh-gala-dinner-chu-de-chat-tai-phodong-village-5Mr. Tran Viet Anh presented trophies and flowers to the Departments in honor of winning the Dedication Award and Innovation Award.

Regarding individual awards, SCC has awarded Dedication Award to Ms Đinh Thị Huyền Trâm, Ms Trần Thị Thanh Tuyền; Innovation Award: Mr Phan Văn Tú, Mr Bùi Quang Vinh, Ms Trần Thị Huyền Nga, Mr Phạm Hoàng Nguyên, Mr Trần Xuân Phong Lưu, Ms Cao Thị Hồng Nga, Mr Tống Viết Huy; Motivation Award is sent to: Mr Nguyễn Huy Hoàng, Mr Phan Ngọc Huy, Mr Lê Minh Trí, Mr Nguyễn Ngọc Thanh, Ms Nguyễn Thị Kim Hồng, Mr Nguyễn Công Hiệp, Ms Hồ Thị Hoàng Nhung, Ms Văn Thị Ngọc Quý, Mr Nguyễn Quốc Long.

chuong-trinh-gala-dinner-chu-de-chat-tai-phodong-village-6Mr. Tran Viet Anh presented the trophies and flowers to employees who won Dedication Award and Innovation Award.

chuong-trinh-gala-dinner-chu-de-chat-tai-phodong-village-7The representative of SCC’s Board of Directors presented the trophies and flowers to the winners of the Motivation Award.

SCCI Company honored: Mr Đỗ Văn Kiếm, Mr Lưu Trọng Phúc for Dedication Award; Ms Hồ Thị Bích Trâm, Mr Nguyễn Kim Hoàng, Mr Nguyễn Thành Minh for Innovation Award; Mr Nguyễn Việt Thắng, Ms Nguyễn Thị Mộng Cầm, Mr Võ Trần Võ, Mr Cái Văn Bằng, Mr Đàm Chí Vinh, Mr Đinh Minh Toàn, Mr Đặng Ngọc Cường for Motivation Award.

chuong-trinh-gala-dinner-chu-de-chat-tai-phodong-village-8Representatives of SCCI’s Board of Directors presented the trophies and flowers to the winners of the Dedication Award and Innovation Award.

chuong-trinh-gala-dinner-chu-de-chat-tai-phodong-village-9Representatives of SCCI’s Board of Directors presented the trophies and flowers to the winners of the Motivation Award.

In PLC: Mr Trần Minh Cảnh won the Dedication Award; Ms Phạm Thị Minh Diện, Mr  Lê Trần Anh Tú, Ms Hồ Thị Thuý Dung, Ms Đỗ Thị Nguyệt Minh won the Innovation Award; Ms Phạm Nguyễn Ngọc Hà, Ms Lê Thị Kim Loan, Mr Trương Minh Tân, Mr Nguyễn Huỳnh Long won the Motivation Award.

chuong-trinh-gala-dinner-chu-de-chat-tai-phodong-village-10Representatives of the Board of Directors of PLC presented the trophies and flowers to those who won the Dedication Award and Innovation Award. chuong-trinh-gala-dinner-chu-de-chat-tai-phodong-village-11Representatives of PLC’s Board of Directors presented the trophies and flowers to the winners of the Motivation Award.

Last but not least, in Fleur De Lys Hotel: Mr Nguyễn Ngọc Thịnh, Mr Đoàn Nguyễn Ngọc Hiếu, Ms Hồ Thị Diễm Thuý, Mr Hồ Bình Phương won Innovation Award; Ms Nguyễn Thị Hương and Mr Đặng Thế Triều won Motivation Award.

chuong-trinh-gala-dinner-chu-de-chat-tai-phodong-village-12Representatives of Fleur de Lys Hotel‘s Board of Directors presented the trophies and flowers to the winners

“This Luna New Year is more fun”

Not only summarizing the successes in the past 2019, it is also a milestone for the 20-year journey – the mature impression of SCC, as well as affirming a 2020 of sustainable development, hoping SCC will grow and steadily spread across 3 regions of the country, and also extend beyond the beloved S-shaped country.

To show that prospect, the brothers and sisters enthusiastically elaborated internal repertoires to participate in the performance of “The Spring of three regions” theme for SCC big family.

The songs about the homeland were passionately performed by “internal” singers throughout the performance of “The Spring of three regions” theme, from the cool northwest wind “De mi noi cho ma nghe (Let Me Speak)” to the Vietnamese music industry from SCCI, move down to Lam river to Nghe An province with the lyrical song “Gian ma thuong (Angry and hurt)” from PLC brothers and sisters, and then the brothers and sisters in the Fleur De Lys team travelled a long distance to bring the soul of the salty countryside from Quang Nam province with the song “yeu cau man ma (Love the charming)”. Even more surprising was the SMC’s rustic acoustic expression with the singing and playing of the song “Anh cho em mua xuan (I give you Spring)”.

chuong-trinh-gala-dinner-chu-de-chat-tai-phodong-village-14The “De mi noi cho ma nghe” repertoire of SCCI was fun, youthful, and animated on stage.

chuong-trinh-gala-dinner-chu-de-chat-tai-phodong-village-15The show “Gian ma thuong” was smooth, lyrical and deeply touched by PLC.

chuong-trinh-gala-dinner-chu-de-chat-tai-phodong-village-16The “Yeu cai man ma” repertoire was brought to the program by Fleur De Lys Hotel.

chuong-trinh-gala-dinner-chu-de-chat-tai-phodong-village-18Performing an acoustic song of SMC, the singer is immersed in the song “Anh cho em mua xuan”.

In particular, SCC’s Gánh Lô Tô (SCC’s flag bingo teams) exploded the atmosphere of the Gala dinner when the brothers sacrificed their personal images to excellently transformed into the role of beautiful woman, graciously sprung up on sentences – subtle sentences, rich literary and cool music.

Customers who buy the flag bingo pattern which designed to be marvelous, imprinted with the old Vietnamese culture, did not to expect themselves to win the prize. They just wanted to retain the images of dear memories of a time “modernized” in a humanistic and modern way in this excellent repertoire.

The organizers have greatly appreciated and sincerely thanked these gentleman with the performance not only fun and eye-catching, but also contributed to show the community responsibility of the SCC big family.

chuong-trinh-gala-dinner-chu-de-chat-tai-phodong-village-19The show exploded at the Gala night, a new generation of flag bingo teams from SCC made everyone laugh out loud

All of the employees and the Board of Directors had incessantly applauded when they saw the handsome, elegant men in their uniforms suddenly turned into charming pretty women, read the numbers aloud by the sweet, vivid voice.

Not only watching the internal “artists” perform, you are also fortunate to win “cash” prizes from “flag bingo” teams of SCC. This is also a small lucky gift that the Organizers wants to give to the big family before welcoming the greater good fortune coming from Tet!

chuong-trinh-gala-dinner-chu-de-chat-tai-phodong-village-20The audiences participated in Flag bingo game and was lucky to win the prize. chuong-trinh-gala-dinner-chu-de-chat-tai-phodong-village-22The audiences participated in Flag bingo game and was lucky to win the prize. chuong-trinh-gala-dinner-chu-de-chat-tai-phodong-village-21The audiences participated in Flag bingo game and was lucky to win the prize.

To end the gala night, representatives from companies also sing together the song “Ve que an tet (Back home for celebrate Tet)” – as a warm message to everyone, members of big family: “Do not hesitate any more, hurry up and go back to celebrate the Tet Holiday!” More than 200 employees were treated to a grand artistic party with the “artists” who are their colleagues, who sit next to them every day.

chuong-trinh-gala-dinner-chu-de-chat-tai-phodong-village-23More than 200 employees were treated to a grand artistic party with the “artists” who are their colleagues, who sit next to them every day.

At the end of the program, meaningful and emotional, when all the money from selling Lô Tô ticket, nearly 70 million VND, was donated to the Charity Club of the “Ấm Tình Yêu Thương” club. It is accompanied by a tremendous contribution from the companies participating in the Gala New Year’s Eve, from the Board of Directors and the sponsors.

With the total amount of money for the charity fund of “Ấm Tình Yêu Thương” club summed up to nearly VND 2 billion, Everyone hopes to contribute to community responsibility and social responsibility, expressing the spirit of embrace, sharing and humanity values ​​of SCC family.