The family is the cell of society, it is also the place to nurture and educate the original personality of each person. With the meaning of the first cultural environment, where everyone from birth to maturity is continuously receiving good feelings from members, family culture is the core value of social culture.

The family is not only a natural cell but also an economic unit of society, therefore, in order to have a healthy development society, each cell must first develop sustainably.

Family education is one of 03 human education platforms. Over many generations, the word “family” were formed and developed with good values, which is mentioned not only to express personal love of affection but also to pride of cultural nation.

In the elements of family culture, the organization of life is orderly and the teaching, behavior, communication between parents and children, among family members of generations is very important, because through those, the previous generations instilled in children cultural, traditional and modern values, creating social value and cultural personality of every human being.

The family is not only a natural cell but also an economic unit of society. For each society to develop, each cell must develop sustainably.

To express the spirit of honoring the traditional cultural values of Vietnamese families, Vietnamese Family Day is born on June 28th every year. In fact, the Vietnamese Family Day (June 28th) has only appeared for 20 years to honor the home of the Vietnamese family, when everyone in the family cares about each other, the society cares about children… and encourage individual families in the Vietnamese family to overcome difficulties to build happy homes.

For society, this is an opportunity for families to exchange and share experiences in building a cultural family, towards sustainable development of the family in the period of industrialization, modernization and international integration. . For individuals, this is the time for parents to cultivate the precious meaning of word “family” for their children, helping children to appreciate the factors that make a family happy and cherish the home more. For young couples, this day also helps remind them to understand the value of the home and overcome stormy together to have a happy family.

The family factor is primarily responsible for the socialization of children, which greatly affects the formation of children’s personality. In the journey of growing up, the childhood period of being cared for and brought up at home is an important stage, although at that time, the personality is not clearly shown, but through the act of mimicking the actions of people. As a child, children begin to acquire perceptions to form their personalities. In order for children to become a good character, the education of each family plays a leading role.

The family factor is primarily responsible for the socialization of children, which greatly affects the formation of children’s personality.

In every family, combining traditional education with modernity, parents and grandparents not only educate children the ethical, family culture, labor relationship, intellectual development, physical comprehensive force, aesthetic education; but also educate about attitude, gestures, communication and polite behavior, respect the elderly, care for and yield to young people. The ancients used to say “teach children from an early age”, so the regular education of attitude, gestures, polite words, respect … for children to understand and grate to those who give birth to, nurture and care for their grandparents and parents is absolutely necessary.

In addition, Family Day is a chance for society to join hands together against domestic violence, inequality in marriage, and condemn child abuse. Thereby also promoting the good deeds, beautiful gestures of family members. In this way, the Vietnamese Family Day becomes more and more meaningful and practical.

The foundation of a happy family manifests itself in the relationship of good conduct, understanding, sharing, sympathy and love between husband and wife; the love, care, sacrifice of parents for their children and respect, gratitude, filial respect for parents, grandparents … So, family culture and education in a cultural family creating a discipline for everyone to do together and that is also the root of the family, which gives the Vietnamese family and society a strong vitality.

Education in a cultural family creates the root for the family and helps Vietnamese society to have a strong vitality.

In addition, society does not neglect the unfortunate lives, those born without a family. Because this is the day that everyone in the family cares about each other, society also cares about children and those without parents. For them, although they lack a small family of their own, society always offers a big family to protect them. There are always kindhearted people, volunteers and sponsors, charity clubs ready to help and support them. Because everyone knows that creating for them a happy family is a way to help them integrate, strive and develop into a useful citizen for society.

Now, Vietnamese Family Day is an opportunity for each child to look back to his or her roots, relatives, and cultivate the noble feelings and cultural values of the nation. Wherever you go, whatever you do, always look to your family, remember your family with the best.

Happy Vietnamese Family Day, June 28th, wishing your whole family to be happy together!