Elite community – it is the “neighbors” of the high-class residents in an upper class of successful people, with the same level and lifestyle. Not only in developed countries, but such elite communities are also present in many parts of the world, including Vietnam.


Elite community is a term that is quite familiar in the upper classes around the world

A century has passed since the building of 704 Park Avenue in Manhattan, the USA, was built for the upper class. Now, the building designed by Rosario Candela and Arthur Loomis Harmon in 1929 has become the desire of wealthy people in the world such as oil king Rockefellers, billionaire Charles Stevenson, oil tycoon David Koch, or fashion designer Vera Wang.

High-class residents focus on choosing neighbors that share the same class and similar lifestyle. In the photo: PhoDong Village residents joined together in the connection activity to experience the joy of the weekend “Green Yoga” in 2017.

The famous American riches like La Quinta in California, Brentwood Country Estates in Santa Monica Mountains possess only 14 super luxurious villas or rich houses in Deep Water Bay of Huong Cang always shows a strong attraction to the high-class community, who not only emphasizes elegance and privacy but also pay special attention to choosing smooth neighbors to have the same level and similar lifestyle.

Elite community – factors that contribute to the full value of a high-end real estate

The real estate market in HCMC today has many options for high-end residential areas, but it is difficult to find a place called home with luxurious standards in green space and has harmony with the neighbors are the same level. Especially when security and privacy criteria in a closed area population are the top priority of this elite community group.

With the criteria and high-class tastes of the upper class, it is difficult to find an ideal place in the central areas while land available is increasingly limited. Moving a little to the East of Saigon, PhoDong Village is currently a “bright” typical project that fully meets all the references that the elite residents are demanding. As a typical green project of 2019 – Model urban area PhoDong Village of SCC is a place where residents can enjoy a luxurious, comfortable, but equally warm, friendly lifestyle in the middle of the fresh and spacious space. This promises to be an ideal place to settle, contributing to the complete life of the elite community.

PhoDong Village is a model urban area that promises to be an ideal place to live, contributing to the complete life of the elite community. In the photo: PhoDong Village residents participated in the community activity “Walking with the poor” in 2018.

PhoDong Village – an elite community of Vietnamese people

PhoDong Village has won a lot of favor and positive feedback that the product fully reflects the deep understanding of SCC investors when capturing the psychology and needs of high-class customers at Vietnam. In addition to the advantage of low construction density of only 24.09% and creating a perfect miniature natural space filled with liberal contemporary architecture by famous architectural groups from Singapore and France, It is easily recognized that besides the absolute privacy and security, the residential services and community programs developed by the investor have shaped an elite and selective community.

The residential care and community activities programs developed by SCC investors have shaped an elite and select community. In the photo: the program “Tet sum vay” is organized to honor the traditional Lunar New Year for PhoDong Village residents.

Among the private residential areas for successful people, PhoDong Village is a space with its own identity created for sophisticated, aesthetic, and life-conscious owners. “The Earth smiles in flower buds,” says Ralph Waldo Emerson, the American philosopher. In PhoDong Village garden, you will feel the full peace and freedom of nature, of the red-flamboyant Royal Poinciana flowers; dazzling Silver Trumpet flowers bring a radiant beauty; Queen’s Flower trees are delicate but arrogant, symbolizing romance; White Porcelain flowers have a simple and elegant beauty, or red-velvet Coral Bean flowers are immensely red and gorgeous.

PhoDong Village is a space with its own identity created for sophisticated, beautiful, and knowledgeable owners. In the photo: PhoDong Village residents enjoyed tea-time of Lunar Tet on the Spring Flower Street at the internal road of Royal Poinciana Boulevard.

Certainly, these masterpieces of living space embellishments are designed for owners who are worthy of upscale privileges – from the garden and the pool, the utility area, the gym, the satellite park, to Riverside park is arranged airy – worthy of “Tranquility in nature”.

Meanwhile, the internal traffic system to create a natural green area has upgraded the old concept of narrow trails, providing a comfortable experience for residents.

Embellished masterpieces of living space at PhoDong Village are designed for owners worthy of high-class privileges.

You will be the owner of luxurious living spaces wherever you want, however, it is not simple to “buy” neighbors of the same level as you.

The perks at PhoDong Village are showing a very clear trend, the value of a real estate is expressed not only intangible benefits such as location, utilities, or design, but also in intangible benefits and more sustainable – a community of successful people who share the same cultural background, understand with the desire to create a good future not only for themselves but also for the generations of their children.

And it is also an important factor that not only helps increase the value of the real estate but also reflects the position and class of the owner. The model urban area for selective residents only. It can only be the project that won the “Typical Green Project 2019” – PhoDong Village.

Model urban area PhoDong Village is honored to win the “Typical Green Project 2019”.