International Children’s Day is an annual holiday for children around the world. And this is also an opportunity to express the love of parents and families with the children on this special holiday.

No one can forget the International Children’s Day every year, especially for children. It is the waiting, the eagerness, looking forward to the special day to be led by parents to go out and buy meaningful gifts, these are normal and simple wishes of children.

On June 1st this year, children in the model urban area PhoDong Village participated in a series of extremely memorable fun activities. From the intriguing performance of the magic clown, the funny and cute circus performance of the intelligent puppies, to the self-made sculptures children can make, they don’t just have entertaining moments but also receive countless gifts and snacks.

At 17h on May 30th,2020 PhoDong Village Management Board organized the program “Happy Children’s Day – PhoDong Village 2020” with many meaningful fun activities for children and their families.

The atmosphere was exciting when the parents let their children play active games and enjoy snacks before the entertainment program started.

At the games area, there are child painters with faces that are both focused and interested in completing colorful sand paintings, and lovely figurines. In addition, the children also get together to participate in other useful intellectual and active games such as walking to the monkey, mini bowling…

The children are excited about intellectual and active games at the game area.

The child artists were both focused and excited to complete the colorful sand paintings themselves.

On the painting area is no less crowded, the child artisans are performing their artwork.

The atmosphere was getting busier as the commencement time for the music show was about to begin.

And the Vietnamese song “World Children Festival” is an extremely familiar song to the age of Vietnamese children opened the show for music. Almost everyone learn by heart the lyric. With the melody, the lyrics are both playful and meaningful, this song really went into the childhood memories of many people. And in the performance show to celebrate International Children’s Day, this song resounded with the voices of the children.

The Vietnamese song “World Children Festival” opens the show with the harmony of the whole audience.

The program atmosphere is more exciting and attractive with the humorous guidance of the MC as clown.

Bollywood dances performed by child dancers added heat to the entire audience.

One of the superstars of the night was the cute puppies with the cool math and clever intelligence.

And it is impossible not to mention the fascinating magic show that caught the attention of the young residents.

Children not only have moments of fun and entertainment but also receive countless gifts and favorite snacks.

International Children’s Day is a time for people to be more aware of the role children play in the development of society in general. Children like baby dolls on the stem, a part of the invaluable assets of the family and society; and they will be the successors, developing the seniors life’s journeys, promoting cultural values, writing continuing history.

Give young children beautiful memories of their childhood, let them have fun, enjoy their happiness, lift their dreams so that the younger generations have the foundation and pedals to move on to build a beautiful world.

PhoDong Village wishes all children a happy and healthy summer, and especially parents will have more time for them!