It has become a cultural feature. Every Tet, when the Lunar New Year comes, the activities of taking care of Tet for the poor are focused on implementing by the Charity Club Warm With Love. On this occasion, the Club has decided to implement the program “Spring of Love, Tet For Every Home” to spread love and help to share to families, households that have difficult and unhappy circumstances in society, helping everyone to welcome a warm and happy traditional Tet.

The program “Spring of Love, Tet For Every Home” of Charity Club Warm With Love.

In the busy year-end days, when many children are cared for by their parents and families to prepare for a warm Tet, there are still children in difficult circumstances, poor children with disabilities, orphaned, homeless, just hoping to have a healthy, full meal. With the desire for this Lunar New Year, every child will be more beloved, without the sadness of lacking fathers or mothers or living in accumulated difficulties, the Club has joined hands with “The Social Work Center” of Phu Yen province, under the “Labor – Invalids & Social Affairs Department” of Phu Yen province, in the “Gala Fireflies In Spring”, opens the program “Spring of Love, Tet For Every Home” to help and support for children.

“Gala Fireflies In Spring” is an activity to celebrate 10 years of the program “Fireflies light up the future” (2010-2020). Over the past 10 years, 34 programs “Fireflies Light the Future” of the Social Work Center of Phu Yen province have been alternately organized in 9 districts and towns in the province. Up to now, more than 200 poor studious students have been helped by donors to continue going to school, partly alleviating their pain and loss in life.

According to the approval of the Chairman of Charity Club Warm With Love on sponsoring the program “Gala Fireflies In Spring” in Phu Yen province, on January 24th, 2021 the club has supported 50 million VND for 90 poor disabled children, each VND 500,000, and at the same time donated VND 5,000,000 to the Social Work Center of Phu Yen province so that they could give it to children in the locality who could not come.

Club representative – Mr. Vu Dinh Phuong, General Manager of Fleur De Lys Hotel – presented gifts to disadvantaged children in the program “Gala Fireflies In Spring”.

Leaders of the Department of “Labor – Invalids & Social Affairs” Department together with the Club’s representatives give gifts to disadvantaged children in the program “Gala Fireflies In Spring”.

“Gala Fireflies In Spring” is the opening for the program “Spring of Love, Tet For Every Home” that the club conducts to help people in difficult and unhappy lives in the society during the Tet holiday.

“Fireflies Light up the Future” is a program that helps to detect and promptly assist children with special circumstances, and prevent children at risk of falling into special circumstances. With the spirit of bringing up difficult circumstances, supporting unhappy lives, and nurturing knowledge of poor and studious children, the Club will always connect and join hands with unions and units, organizations and sponsors, philanthropists help poor children overcome difficulties to study well and return to a normal life.

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The Tan Suu Lunar New Year 2021 is approaching, with the tradition of “good leaves protect torn leaves”, and responsibility for the community, the club hopes that everyone will join hands with the program “Spring of Love, Tet For Every Home” to share with poor, difficult and unhappy circumstances, to help everyone to have more happy conditions for the Spring Festival, to celebrate Tet.

Charity Club Warm With Love.