Dr. Hermann Gmeiner once shared, “What makes children miserable is not lack of food, clothing, or education, but the absence of a family and the perception of belonging.” Children have the right to survival, protection, development, and participation. And the idea of a common home for the unfortunate children has been started by the Austrian Doctor since 1949, starting his model of Children’s Village, receiving the sharing and support of the community over the world.

Children have the right to survival, protection, development, and participation

In Vietnam, shortly after the signing of the Agreement between the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, and the SOS Children’s International Village, the first two SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam were established in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in 1990. By 2019, there are 3,184 children are brought up in 17 SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam.

Two of the typical Villages have been operating effectively with the scale and quality of education to help disadvantaged and helpless children which the Charity Club Warm With Love specially offer of 10 scholarships worth 50 million VND to support this time are “SOS Children’s Village Dien Bien Phu”, Dien Bien province and “SOS Children’s Village Thanh Hoa”, Thanh Hoa province.

Children practice dance to attend a cultural activity at SOS Children’s Village Dien Bien.

Referring to the two villages in Dien Bien and Thanh Hoa, the most common thing that can be found is that besides the deprivation and common circumstances that SOS villages carry, in these two areas, there are doubled more difficulties and deprivations by the poverty of remote areas. The children are ethnic in the whole province, different in language, customs, so the integration into a community, a family still faces up with many obstacles. Besides, the process of picking up and taking children to Village is also hard and arduous. There are children in remote areas who have to walk 1-2 days to arrive. Despite difficulties, the two villages in two poor provinces have always been exemplary, enthusiastically leading the way in activities.

Under each red tile roof, there is a mother, sibling, and warmth to protect so many unfortunate fates

The village is like a big house surrounded by lovely small houses, a bright red tile roof, surrounded by gardens, flower pots, lush lawns. Each small house in the Village is named as a flower, that is Lotus, Apricot, Orchid, Chrysanthemum …, each flower has a flavor, beauty of the soul but gather here into a garden full of fragrant scents, which adorns the love, brings the feeling of coziness, happiness and the most natural living space for the children. Each SOS family has between 8-10 children of different ages living like siblings and is cared for by an SOS mother.

Here, they are provided with adequate facilities and are given opportunities to learn and improve their lives. In addition to caring for the children to learn about culture, the Village also focuses on training, fostering, and organizing extracurricular activities to help them develop their individual talents and promote their gift in the most comprehensive way. And under each red tile roof has a mother, brothers and sisters warmly summed up, protecting so many disadvantaged fates. How many people could understand that to get today happiness, in the house named as flowers, trees there is a great effort of the mothers and aunts. Each one has his own feelings.

Under each red tile roof, there is a mother, brothers and sisters warmly summed up, protecting countless disadvantages (In the photo: Mother and children make cakes in SOS Children’s Village Thanh Hoa).

Not only the attention, careful caring, warm-hearted love of the mothers, aunts in the Village, but they always receive the enthusiasm, as well as close to the support of facilities and spirit of SOS Children’s Villages International, the authorities and the hearts of gold.

Everyone’s path to the future will be different, but the passion and desire for a bright tomorrow are all in the same direction

Like many other children, they used to have enough parents. Misfortune stormed down leaving the children helpless, orphaned. But in them always strive to rise up, be obedient, hard-working and many people love. Seeming to know their fates, the children also strive to excel in school and in life. If you interact with children, we immediately see the sturdier than the age. They seem more “adults” in everything they do. They are cared for, brought up and educated from an early age until they grow up to be independent, responsible, and contribute to society.

They seem to be “adults” in all jobs, taught the ability to be independent, responsible, and contribute to society (In the photo: the children are gardening together in the SOS Children’s Village Thanh Hoa).

Everyone’s path to the future will be different, but the passion and desire for a bright tomorrow are all in the same direction. With the program of supporting 10 scholarships worth 50 million VND for students with excellent academic achievements in the two SOS Children’s Villages of Dien Bien and Thanh Hoa provinces, which are run by Charity Club Warm With Love, though not much but the message that the club is building is once again illuminated in this school of love and enthusiasm. These are simple, everyday things but filled with love, showing interest in the community of each club member.

Although the children are lacking in all aspects compared to their peers, they have strived to become a good example for their peers to follow. Charity Club Warm With Love wishes the children’s dreams will soon come true, wishing the children happy lives!

Charity Club Warm With Love join hands to bring the children a loving home and a bright future

As a village, dark fire off or light out there is still together. There are many things, both happy and sad ones in the Village. In need of problem-solving, it is up to the self-reliance, love, and the protection of aunts and mothers. Here is the richest place of solidarity, the most is effort, and motivation of a whole family, especially the love of mothers for the children, the difficulties and struggles of the children themselves.

In the Village, the richest thing is solidarity, the most thing is the effort, and motivation of a whole family.

The children are concerned about care, education, and development holistically. Therefore, almost all of them have developed very well both physically, intellectually, and mentally.

According to the regulations of the SOS organization, boys who reach puberty are separated in an area called the “youth hostel”. However, due to the lack of funds to build the hostel, the Village often has to rent separate houses for older boys. This means that the difficulties in the management, nurturing, care, and education of children are more and more doubled. So, join hands to share, as well as contribute to fostering people who are responsible for society, for the Fatherland, Charity Club Warm With Love calls for the generosity of sponsors and people who also carry about children’s rights, to replicate these meaningful activities. All donations please turn to:

• Account name: Charity Club Warm With Love
• Account number: 059704078787878
• At the bank: HDBank – East Saigon branch
• Content of transfer: Full name of the sponsors
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In addition, 10 scholarships worth 50 million VND will be sent to the children by Charity Club Warm With Love to the SOS Children’s Villages Dien Bien and Thanh Hoa on June 4th – 6th, 2020.

The village’s mission is to nurture, care for, and educate orphans and abandoned children, creating a new stable long-term family for children who have lost their parents’ care. Mother as well as losing the nourishment, in order to bring home a loving, happy childhood, to grow up in love, in return for the children that have lost. We, who are living in a better situation, open arms to form lasting support and help prepare the best conditions for the children to be fully integrated into society, become a useful, responsible, and productive citizen.

Let’s join hands to create a new stable long-term family to bring a loving home, a happy childhood for the children.