When the young green buds welcome the yellow sunshine at the end of March, it is also when the Butterfly flowers bloom all over the 24 internal roads of PhoDong Village, bringing up a clear transition season.

PhoDong Village has a natural embellishment landscape with a system of green trees covering 3 large central parks, 6 satellite parks and strip riverside theme park: Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter stretches nearly 2km winding along the river surrounding the urban area.

The four parks of Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter seem to embellish and preserve each seasonal feature such as tranquility, radience and serene in the heart of PhoDong Village. And at the time of transferring from spring to summer, when April comes, the green land of more than 40 hectares becomes extraordinarily gentle, slowly sowing something unforgettable into the hearts of people with colorful flowers at the end of the ruddy Spring!

April sunshine was intensely interleaved through green leaves.

On these precious days of season changes, walking along the internal roads of PhoDong Village, we will feel the vigorous vitality of nature and scenery. The Royal Poinciana trees which were sparse have just grown out green buds. The rows of prideful Queen’s Flower trees also change leaves, covering the street corner in dreamy purple color. It is so wonderful! All seem to become more beautiful, more sparkling in the romantic April weather.

The Royal Poiciana trees put on new clothes.

Gentle and clear, the season change of April that PhoDong Village Green Urban takes up also makes people’s hearts fluttered by the gentle pastel pink of the Butterfly flowers. In the midst of the bustle of prosperity, somewhere in the corner, the alley, the Butterfly flowers bring the season back with peace, tranquility, and lightness.

The Butterfly flowers gently fluttered primarily to welcome April.

Perhaps the season change is not only looked with the eyes, heard with the ears, made contact with the hands, but also felt with the tender smells of grass and leaves, the aroma of pristine flowers and grasses, and with the multi-dimensional nostalgia.

The season change sows into the PhoDong Village stirring emotions.

One day of light sunshine, the wind is still a little fragrant Spring, no need to be fussy, just sitting in a corner of the garden listening to the sound of birds chirping and leaves stirring, somewhere around there are the happy laughters of children, and watching PhoDong Village changing its appearance is enough to make us flutter before the beauty of the season.

In April, the season change sows in people’s hearts an unforgettable feeling.

“April is your lie” – Ha Anh Tuan’s song – resounds full of mood in the space is not too flashy but it really makes people filled with emotions. April is your lie, but it is the really stirring to the hearts of those who love the “Tranquility in nature”!