Over 23 years of establishment and development, Saigon Construction Joint Stock Company (SCC) has created a brand with a distinct identity. At the same time, gaining customer trust and confidence, along with the solidarity of experienced and enthusiastic staff.


A journey to create a corporate brand

Saigon Construction Corporation (SCC) was established on September 28th, 1999. Over the past 23 years of establishment and development, SCC Company has grown tremendously and continuously expanded its business fields from basic construction, architecture consultancy, leasing factories in large-scale industrial parks, invests in hydropower projects, mineral projects to the development of green urban property, high-class resorts property, online payment gateway services and rooftop solar.

Accordingly, SCC has built over 10 brand names about product and company, the company almost operates “independently” with prestige in the market. These brands have been developing in parallel as well as contributing to creating a bold impression over the years of operation.

23 years of establishment and development of SCC Company’s brand name


Innovative, prestigious and quality products along with a sense of responsibility committed to ” Developing sustainability with the community” have built a strong belief for generations of SCC customers. Prominent projects such as the 41ha PhoDong Village model green urban area, the high-class Compound Sol Villas, … are becoming clear evidences for the high level of high-quality product development and long-term cohesion with the civilized community of SCC Investor.

A variety of community activities such as spring festival on the occasion of the traditional Lunar New Year every year, Vu Lan’s filial piety program “Wish of Love”, Mid-Autumn Festival program “Full Moon Reunion”, program ” Experience Green Yoga with PhoDong Village” … has brought closeness, familiarity, warmth and civilization, maintaining the beauty of national culture in the modern and comfortable living space of the 4ha model green urban area in HCMC.

The growth of the SCC brand is thanks to the trust of customers and the support of partners. This is also one of the important factors that bring about the outstanding success of SCC in the 23-year journey of establishment and development.

Promoting corporate culture

“Choose people like Choose wood” is the most important factor to build SCC corporate culture values. SCC Board of Director focuses on developing quality resources, a friendly and professional working environment, and adapting to the diverse changes of the market. Praising and rewarding teams and individuals with outstanding achievements.

SCC corporate culture programs are built on the core values ​​of the business, the beliefs and resonance of the “SCC people”. Each “SCC people” has the opportunity to shine and discover the hidden talent within themselves through each separate corporate culture program.

Holding large and small programs to take care of employees’ spiritual life such as annual sports festival, quarterly birthdays celebration with special themes, colorful annual company year-end party, Yoga and meditation “Calming mind being wise”, team building connects the members ” Full of Faith ” (2019), ” Unleash the power” (2022) or programs to foster communication skills, work in harmony.

SCC conveys the spirit of spreading love in the community to each employee through the profound, humane and meaningful volunteering activities of the Charity Club Warm With Love.

During more than 3 years of operation, the club has raised fund from company employees and benefactors, contributing more than 10 billion VND to the community through programs to build local facilities, schools, awarded meaningful scholarships, nurtured students to create more favorable study conditions for students in mountainous, remote areas, border areas and islands of the country such as: “Friendly library” according to national standards, “Building a bridge for children”, “Scholarship for learning”, …

Programs “Giving gratitude houses to Agent Orange victims” and monthly allowances for the families of Agent Orange victims across the country. Disaster supporting programs “Journey of love” (rescuing people in flooding areas in 2020), Warm love in drought season (Ca Mau, 2020), program which supporting 1.8 billion VND in Covid-19 pandemic (2021) …

Corporate culture programs of SCC


The path of sustainable development ahead

On the journey of building the SCC brand over 23 years, “SCC people” together used all their minds, talents and enthusiasm to hold hands to overcome difficulties and receive prestigious awards as “Sustainable Businesses Award” (2014), “Vietnamese strong brand” (2011), “Best housing project in Southeast Asia” (2015), “Typical Green Project” (2019), “Top 50 Brands in Vietnam” (2020), …

And on the way forward with the strong development of the “technology era 4.0”, the SCC brand will continue to affirm its firm position and develop sustainably in the market with its brand prestige, customer trust and confidence and the consensus of the enthusiastic “SCC people”.

Translated by SCC