High-class compound villas not only show the status of the upper class, but also nourish the source of happiness to help owners enjoy the values of life – especially when the “elite of life” is being dominated by many social, environmental, climate, disease … issues today.

High-end, unique and different

According to many real estate experts, successful owners of the upper-living class are stricter and stricter in choosing suitable places for themselves and their families. This is understandable, because the need for a peaceful place of residence, spacious space and perfect facilities to balance life and renewable energy is essential nowadays.

Many homeowners understand the value of a compound villa cannot be measured as prices, as it includes unique architecture, separate space, close living environment, civilized community with the same style around … In Vietnam, especially 2020, the elite and successful people increasingly enhance the criterias of living space, in which the uniqueness bears a strong impression and taste. The position of people who own a high-class compound villa is more focused than just looking at the material aspect.

In this trend, the high-class compound villas Sol Villas are favored by the elite to accumulate in their branded collection with large, isolated and complete green space. Sol Villas also ensures absolute privacy for homeowners through a compound model limited to only 101 villas with security systems, magnetic cards and 24/24 cameras.

Currently, more than 80% of the high-class compound villas Sol Villas has worthy owners.

Sol Villas – Affirm the perfection

Sol Villas was consulted by Mr. Thierry Van De Wyngaert, the Former President of French Academy of Architecture, conquered customers from the first sight in the language of “neoclassical architecture”, such as: the subtle standards in architecture, the comfortable and luxurious living space, the harmony with the surrounding landscape, thereby the owners’ feeling are filled with sublimating emotions. This “neoclassical architecture” is favored in sophisticated aesthetics; perfect functions and climate solutions integrated in architecture also adapted to local characteristics. At the same time, the prestigious residents can have absolute peace of mind when permanently owning valuable Sol Villas.

Located in the heart of PhoDong Village – a model Green Urban Area has just been awarded the “Typical Green Project 2019” – Sol Villas converges all the factors that bring owners the values far beyond all available properties. They are the high-class status, the reputation, the enjoyment of a regal privileged life; the most important thing is that the asset always increases value over time, which is safe in unstable markets with transparent legal, and easiness to transfer.

With unique neoclassical style, Sol Villas is a high-class architectural masterpiece honoring the master class.

The elite community and the highest guaranteed living environment

With the standards of the elite living of a progressive life, the value of an ideal environment nowadays includes healthy criterias for yourself, your family, and the community of equal citizens worthy level around.

Owning Sol Villas with an upscale living space not only honors the level of successful people but also a way to enjoy life, experience a special luxury. Living together with the elite community of the same high aesthetic taste, who always have strict requirements in every detail, in an environment called the heart of the “Typical Green Project 2019”, the owners of the high-class compound villas Sol Villas can feel secure about the living space to ensure the health of themselves and their families.

High-class, private but not losing the intimacy, which is the culture of Vietnamese. The place to go home will be very comfortable if you see lots of bright smiles everyday on the lips of friendly neighbors, as well as to live in the peaceful atmosphere of the residential area. Becoming residents of Sol Villas, the homeowners not only immerse themselves in the fresh, green nature, fully enjoy the high-end facilities, but also have the opportunities to be friends to them, the upper-class successful, civilized neighbors.